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How to connect your mind & body to the natural cycles of the world

Does getting closer to nature and living a more natural life sound appealing to you? Connecting with the natural cycles of the world doesn’t have to mean an expensive trip to Bali – you can start much closer to home by starting to look at your own mindset and eating habits.

Learn more about eating food to support your hormonal cycle, start to eat with the seasons, find out more about your dosha, and practice the ancient Japanese art of forest bathing.

Connect with the world to get a deeper sense of well-being and presence in your life – here …

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Amazing things about wine you should know

The topic about wine can be a little bit complex considering it is intermingled with culture, geology, history, genetics and culture. Over the same, you can still learn more about wine without being confused by details. But how do you go about the whole issue? In the past, wine has been learned by region for the longest time and it worked well.

However, things have changed. Wine is being produced everywhere. Therefore, the regional lines are no longer useful. For that reason, it is now time to come up with other strategies. Below are some fundamental things about wine that …

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15 glass bathroom shelves installation ideas to modernize your space

It is a nightmare for most of us to have a shabby and unkempt washroom. The toiletries littering around your countertop or hanging behind the door in your bathroom makes an unpleasant picture. There are times when all our efforts for organizing our toiletries go in vain. Our drawers, cabinets, shelves paint a picture of them being in use of a child. The size of your lavatory doesn’t matter once you let your imagination and creativity run wild. Your creativity can play a major role to transform the look of your bathroom. There are plenty of ways through which you …

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