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Whether you are using a hinged wardrobe or a sliding one, a disorganised and cluttered space will make it almost impossible to find anything. On the contrary, an organised closet makes your morning routine a lot easier.

Here are some tips for organising your wardrobe and making the most of your space.

Clear your wardrobe

Before you get to organising, start by clearing out your wardrobe. Starting on a clean slate helps make it easier to visualise how you can style and organise your closet.Plus, you have to clean the shelves first before you pack up to keep your wardrobe dust free.

Sort your clothes

Sort your clothes into different piles, one for dresses, shirts, trousers etc. This way, you won’t get overwhelmed with the work.Remove all the stuff you don’t need anymore (anything you haven’t worn in a while), which will unnecessarily take up space.

Use all available space

A lot of space in the wardrobe goes unused. To achieve maximum space-saving efficiency, think of ways to use every available space in your closet. A few ideas you can incorporate include:

Putting a shoe rack under your hanger space

Most of the space under your hanging rods goes unused. A shoe rack will help make use of all the vertical space without disturbing your clothes.

Use a hanging organiser

A hanging organiser allows you to use more of the vertical wall space and adds extra shelving to make your wardrobe more organised.

Use shelf dividers

Shelf dividers not only make your closet more orderly but also allow you to use all available space. Moreover, they help keep your wardrobe neater for longer.

Get throw in baskets

Use small baskets to throw in all the small accessories like hair bands. The baskets will help reduce clutter. Plus, they can fit into smaller spaces in between organisers.

Arrange your clothes in order

A disorganised closet is often a result of pulling everything out while you’re trying to find something. To avoid this, organise your closet by category. Have a spot for shirts, t-shirts, sweaters etc.

Also, try to colour code each category. You don’t have to make it an exact science – just group clothes with similar colours together. Keeping like items together makes it easier to find what you need, so you won’t have to organise your closet every so often.

Also, place all the items you regularly use in the most accessible part of the closet at eye level. That way, you won’t accidentally pull down clothes during the morning rush. Use the back of the closet for the things you only use a few times.

Use storage boxes and drawer dividers to organise your drawers

Throwing everything into the drawer will make cleaning up a nightmare. That’s why using storage boxes or organisers is a perfect way to keep your drawers neat.

Use your drawers to store items with flimsy materials like scarves and leggings. You can also arrange your socks and inner garments in organisers. To maximise your space, avoid folding anything you put in drawers. Instead, roll them up and place them upright (they’ll look like little cylinders).

Use door space

If you have a hinged wardrobe, the space behind the door usually goes to waste. Hang organisers on the inner part of your wardrobe door or add some shelves to hold your smaller items like jewellery or gloves.

Store the clothes you’re not using outside the closet

Keeping all your winter jackets in the wardrobe during summer will just be a waste of space. 
Instead, buy a storage container and put away all the clothes and shoes you won’t be needing for the season. Organising your closet may sound like a big job, but doing it well the first time will keep your wardrobe neat and tidy for longer.


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