world map canvas print

Different interiors have different accents. They differently affect the mind and mood, creating an atmosphere that motivates or relaxes. The most popular accent for your home is wall decoration. Canvas is seen as the best and easiest choice to make – you can transform your living or working space in several minutes.

Among a great abundance of themes, the world map is the most popular one. Why? Because it is a beautiful and multifunctional addition to any interior. It will surely make your home look warmer and nicer.

In this article, we show you all the advantages of world maps printed on canvas. We’ll tell you about different styles and places where you can find a perfect match for your space.

1. A variety of choices

A lot of people find the process of choosing the decoration for home difficult and frustrating. Sometimes you seem to cannot find the exact thing you’re looking for. Although with a wide range of choices in style, format, color palette, this task becomes a little bit easier.

Style: You can find a great number of different styles – minimalist, classic, watercolor, rustic, geometric, abstract, even some creative and unusual designs. Each of them is created to bring harmony to space and fill it with its uniqueness.

Depending on the style, you can easily change the atmosphere, create an accent or make a simple addition that does not overwhelm with an extensive palette.

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Format: you can choose among different sizes and formats. There are oversized pieces as well as small sizes. Artwork may be crafted in a one-panel format, or the depiction may stretch on 2,3,4, or even 5 panels. The latter option is a nice accent for homes with big blank walls that lack finishing decoration.

Colors: From monochrome and minimalist black and white to bright and colorful vivid splashes. Greens, browns, reds, blues, and more are ready to make the look of your home special and adorable.

2. Must-have for travelers

People who love to travel would the be in love with world map. It is a superb multifunctional decor that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the depicted design, but also mark your previous and future travels. By using push pins you can create a plan for the next summer, pinning the countries or cities you’ve always wanted to visit. You can choose different colors of pins, attach some small memorable photos from the vacation and the canvas would be a decor that tells a story of your life.

3. Customization and personalization

The best thing about prints, it that you can easily make them unique. By customizing the artwork, you can get the ideal decorative solution for your apartment. Let the artwork fit your home style in terms of color, number of panels, and depiction.

You can choose the legend and customize it, pick another color scheme, add some important dates, and add inscriptions. There is also a possibility to add some more cities and change the points.

The customization option gives you the freedom to choose the desired format and style, so it would be a superb gift for someone who cannot live without traveling.

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4. Helps to educate your kids

World maps for children will help you to teach your kids! Colorful design, friendly animal characters, flora, and names of continents, oceans, and countries will help your kid to discover the world from the very first years of life.

Bright color schemes are used so that it attracts the kid’s attention right away.

5. Easy to hang

Canvas art arrives ready-to-hang meaning that it takes only several minutes to change your interior. Solid frame and high-quality canvas material will surprise you as well.


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