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What are the main differences between kilts and skirts

Many people think that kilts and skirts are the same thing but that’s a bogus lie. There are many differences between them and just few similarities like they are both worn wrapped around the waist. If you are also unaware of the differences between them both then don’t worry because this article will help you differentiate between the two.

Kilt is also known as a skirt for men and is typically worn in Scotland and Ireland. They are known as their traditional dresses. Kilts are only worn by men whereas skirts are only worn by women and you can find …

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Personalities at play: give your bridal party wardrobe freedom

Who needs uniformity? After all, part of the splendor of a wedding is the collective barrage of color and pattern here there and everywhere – especially in nontraditional ways. It is, of course, important to have a fluid theme wrapping each aspect of the ceremony and reception into a beautiful bundle. But even so, there’s more than enough room to be creative and classy without feeling restricted by sameness.

Festive garb is the perfect place to display some individuality. Few things cause as much strife as six women all trying to fit into identical dresses. Likewise, guys don’t want to …

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5 myths about baby rings busted

Rings denote a complete circle of life. When a family elder gifts ring to children of a family, it symbolises the inclusion of the younger ones into the family structure. But, over the centuries, with growing beliefs came many myths. Are you aware of any of the myths around baby rings? Through this article, we would share some myths around baby rings and also tell you the reality behind those myths.

Myth 1: Don’t gift pearls to children set on rings

Since ancient times, many civilizations believed, pearls bring tears to their wearer. Young babies must not be gifted pearls; …

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