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With all of the neck chains out there, how in the world are you supposed to choose the right chain for you? There are so many different styles you could choose from. There are also different thicknesses and lengths. You can even choose between a gold and silver chain. So how do you make the right choice? Well first, making the right choice depends on what you like most. Depending on your style, there might be chains that work better than others. Learning the different types of chains and what they best match will help you pick the most ideal chain for you.

The Connell Chain

This chain is one of the most simple chains. It’s lightweight and airs more on the thinner side of chains. It is a great option if you are looking for something that is more subtle yet adds a little more to your outfit. It’s an easy chain to wear with a basic t-shirt or even with a collared shirt. If you are wearing it by itself, it’s not a great chain if you’re wearing many layers of clothing or even busy clothing because the simple chain can go unnoticed. If you enjoy layering chains, having a Connell chain can add a neat layer to the multiple chains around your neck.

The Cuban Chain

The Cuban chain is one of the most well known chains out there for men. Becoming all the rage in the hip hop industry in the early 70s, Cuban chains have taken the fashion industry by storm. They have become a popular choice for men with all different styles and backgrounds. If you are thinking about famous rappers wearing a Cuban chain, you might think of the thick and heavy Cuban chains that might be paired with a pendant. Although this can be a style with Cuban chains, there is much more you can do with them. The Cuban chain comes in all different thicknesses and lengths that make them easy to pair with just about anything. You can wear a shorter and thinner Cuban chain with a basic t-shirt, however, you can also wear a thicker Cuban chain with a basic t-shirt as well. Cuban chains can be a great option for a sweatshirt or turtleneck. It’s better to add a little length to the chain if you are wearing clothing that is more bulky around the neck. A longer chain allows it to hang out over the neckline of a hooded sweatshirt and elongate the torso with a turtleneck. Cuban chains are also great for layering. Many men enjoy layering Cuban chains with pendants that tell a little bit about who they are.

The Rope Chain

The Rope chain is more simple like the Connell chain, but offers more design and texture. This chain isn’t supposed to come off as flashy, but more of a laid-back look that goes with just about anything. It gives off a different vibe with its twisted rope look and looks less like linked chains. It goes great with a crew sweatshirt or a button-up shirt. If you want to wear it with a hoodie or a jacket, try laying it with a variety of chains to give it more depth and to help it stand out.

The Wheat Chain

This chain can get a little thicker than the Connell and Rope chains, but doesn’t get as thick as the Cuban chain. It offers more of a woven look rather than rope or chain link. It’s a great option if you want to add a little more to your chain but don’t want the classic chain link style like a Cuban. You can also layer this necklace or add a pendant to the chain itself to spice it up. It fits a basic look with a plain tee, but also can be easily dressed up for a night on the town.

The Figaro Chain

Running at medium thickness, the Figaro chain adds a little extra by not following the standard pattern of the Connell or Cuban chain. It has one large link in between sets of three smaller links that gives a mix of classic chains with a new and fresh look. This chain works great if you already have a few more simple and thinner chains to match it with. Hanging a pendant of the Figaro chain helps it stand out even more with a jacket or hoodie.

The Tennis Chain

If you are looking for a bolder option, the Tennis chain offers a little more bling than the rest. It’s often worn as a standalone piece because of the stones lined around the necklace. If you are looking for a statement piece, the Tennis chain is a great option. It’s great with a darker colored shirt or sweater so that it pops and it’s taken over by other colors and layers.

The Chain For You

Picking the best neck chain for you doesn’t have to be difficult. Most chains can go with any style because they vary in thickness and length. Pick the best one that makes you feel the most confident and turn up the heat in your wardrobe.


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