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When anyone talks about Australia, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? To most of us, the answer is Sydney. This city has the wildest and the craziest buck party ideas. There is a guarantee of ultimate fun once you hold your bucks party in Sydney. The town has a lot of fun stuff to do in both day and night. It is so easy to access Sydney once you are in Australia. You can drive or even take a flight to the city. You must have unique bucks party ideas for your party to stand out. Here are the fun ideas to celebrate your bucks party in Sydney.


It does not matter what time of the day is, Sydney has all the activities that you need to have fun. You may take on your friends and see who wins the race. It will keep all of you occupied including even the silent one among your friends. I will always recommend anyone to try this once you are in Sydney.

Hiring strippers

Hiring a stripper in Sydney is not a bad idea. What is a buck party without a stripper or two? They are a necessity in a buck party. It is the first thing that comes in every man’s mind when anyone talks about a bucks party. The best thing about hiring a stripper is that they can come to your hotel room or home. You do not have to go to a strip club.

Private boat cruise

Take a boat cruise ride for about 4-6 hours. In the cruise, food and drinks are available. You can choose to have a barbeque, or you can go swimming in the bays. The hilarious part is that you can hire a topless waitress to serve you when on board or even have drinks with them. The topless waitresses act as your female company. The view of the Sydney bays is just amazing. Some cruise ship does have a sound system so you and your friends can choose to do karaoke. They also have a dance floor giving you more space to show your skills.

Hire a buck party bus

This bus looks like a club inside. It has a good sound system, polls in case you happen to have strippers with you and it has the best club décor. The bus takes you round the town. You can choose to have dinner first before hitting the clubs. The bus will drive you around all night. Remember the coach also has some drinks for you. You can also go for a pub tour. Sydney has so many old pubs, which will be awesome to explore some of them.

War with paint-balls

I know you may be wondering why grown men will play like little children. Well, paint-balls will make them bond even more since they might have been away from each other because of their jobs and have just met for the bucks party. Playing paint-balls is the perfect way to spend your day. There are so many places in Sydney that you can go to play paint-balls. Choose a location that is close to you if you do not want to get out of town.

I do not see any reason why you should not choose Sydney as your bucks party destination. There will be a lot for you and your friends to plan. I will always recommend anyone to come to Sydney. This city has bucks party packages are very affordable. The bigger the group, the cheaper the package. It is about time for you and your friends to break some rules. Welcome to Sydney, and you will not regret at all. Have fun at your buck party. Good luck!


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