hen party

Like getting the last bit of toothpaste, you have to squeeze every drop of fun out of your friend’s hens or bucks party. It’s imperative. Everything changes after “The Big Day.” This is your swan song, the last hurrah and the grand finale for your group of mates as you know it.

Now, your friends aren’t going to remember the little details of the party. They won’t be able to recount the cocktails or the nibbles. But they will remember how they felt. They’ll remember the unbridled freedom, the throttled enthusiasm and the camaraderie. Knowing this will allow you to put on an unforgettable hen or bucks party in Brisbane.

Guest List

This can be tricky as the guest list can really make or break a hens or bucks party. You want to invite the right mix of friends that will be able to let loose and go with the flow. You’ll want to avoid inviting any mates that have issues with each other. Of course, you’re going to have to invite the bachelor or bachelorettes’ best friends, but the rest of the guest list is up to you.

Party Venues

Take a look at the guest list. Do you see any common interests with the bachelor or bachelorette? If the entire crew loves golfing then why not hire a van to ride out to the golf course to start a day of competition? You can do the same if all the girls love to shop. Load up a limo to hit Queens Plaza and Tattersall’s Arcade. The venue should present itself once you put together the guest list.

You may want multiple venues. That rolling party might continue from the golf course into dinner and then drinks beyond. Again, the personalities on your guest list should determine the route. Take the boys to the steakhouse, the girls to the cupcake shop and then paint the town red.

The Party’s Theme

Now you’ve nailed down the guest list and the party venues. It’s time to pick a theme. Again, the guest list and the venues can go a long way in helping you pick a theme. The theme can be as simple as a round of print t-shirts, or you can go extravagant to dress up similarly.


No hens or bucks part is complete without entertainment. Treat the crew to a cruise in the harbour, a round of paintball or a class to decorative project. The possibilities are endless. You can go with a high-end experience like an ice sculpture master class where your mates learn how to carve perfect balls of ice for their whiskey glasses. And then there’s wine tasting and blending classes for the ladies.

Of course, there’s the old bucks party standby of a topless waitresses, or you can kick it up a notch with a stripper. After all, it’s one of those classic bucks party ideas in Brisbane that never gets old.


You might have some big ideas for the big night out, but you need to be careful about the budget. Reach out to everyone on the guest list to make sure they can contribute the same amount of money to the cause. This will give you a good idea of where to start.

List out everything you’d like to accomplish during the party and then assign a price to each wish. Add it all up to see if you’re under budget. Now, here comes the most difficult part. One by one, start eliminating from the wish list until you’re in the clear.


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