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Going on a day trip with the family can be incredibly fun. Depending on how old your children are, you may need to really consider what you pack in your bag, or take with you in the car. Although you may not be able to prepare for every single occasion, you can at least consider some likely possibilities, and pack up accordingly. This can help you to navigate your day that much easier, as well as have plans in place for some common problems that may arise.


If the weather is likely to be good on the day of your trip, you might want to factor in how this can affect visibility, as well as the potential for damage to your eyes. Packing sunglasses for the whole family means that they can be safely stored away from damage or the likelihood of them being misplaced. You might also want to consider reading glasses too for anyone in the family who needs them. Some trip venues, such as museums, might be far more enjoyable if you and your family are better able to read signs and generally see the sights clearly. For the fashionable parent, you may want to grab a new pair of Ray Ban prescription glasses and sunglasses, to allow you to look great and see clearly, regardless of whether you are inside or outside.

Baby Wipes

While you may hope to have lunch at a formal establishment, your children might find great joy from a picnic in the park instead. Likewise, some activities, such as beach trips, may leave everyone with mucky, unhygienic hands. Packing some baby wipes will allow you to clean any messy hands and faces. This can be especially important just before eating, as well as just after. You might want to use antibacterial gel in combination with this, to try and kill off any germs that may have been picked up throughout the day. You must dispose of these properly, to avoid harming the environment. Either keep them on your person until you find a trash can or, failing that, simply take them home with you and dispose of them with the rest of your household waste.

Power Banks

Your day out might be tech-free, but there may still be occasions where you need electronic devices. Large traffic queues can make even the most patient of children restless, so some form of entertainment may be helpful. If you have spent most of the day taking photos on your phone, it may also be low on power. The use of a power bank means that you can charge it in your bag, which can be incredibly useful should you need it in an emergency. Just remember to charge the power bank the night before, so that it can be of most use to you.

Going on a day trip can help you to bond more as a family, and get away from your usual daily routines. Being prepared may help to make the day that much more relaxing.


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