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Speed is an essential aspect in training, especially if you’re a sportsperson. However, for ordinary folk, boosting your top speed can come in handy in your day-to day-activities. One problem many people face is the correct technique when training for speed. Most people rely solely on sprints to improve their personal bests. This routine leads to early burnout without providing any desirable results. If you are looking for excellent ways to boost your speed, here are some excellent tips to do so.

Strength Training is Important

Speed relies so much on your body power. What this means is that if you aren’t strong enough, your body won’t generate enough energy to power your strides. Before hopping into a speed training routine, it is essential that you work on your strength training. Ensure you perform full body workouts with a focus on your leg muscles. You can choose to do single leg deadlifts, squats, and lunges.

Keep Your Knees High

If you’ve watched sprinters in a race, you may have noticed how high they raise their knees. For you to run efficiently at top speed, you should lift your knees as high as you can for your forward step. This will help you to stride further while using minimal force. Here are some exercises you can do to train for high-knee running. High-knee skipping, walking high knees, and full effort high knees.

Mineral and Training Supplements

Supplements help complement your diet, ensuring your body gets an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals each day. Besides that, workout products such as steroids from musclesfax ensure you train better and more efficiently.

Boost Your Endurance

Sprinting relies so much on body power and your endurance levels. The proper way of boosting your endurance levels is by running for longer distances at a slower speed. This helps work out your muscle fibers while also improving your aerobic and cardio performance.

Swimming, jogging, and cycling are excellent choices to improve your endurance. When doing condition training, avoid doing high-intensity workouts all the time as it may lead to early burnout.

Enjoy Proper Format

A number of people slouch their backs when sprinting which only leads them to tire out quickly. The proper form involves maintaining a straight back with your chin parallel to the ground, coupled with the right arm motion. To get the technique right, try doing the straight-leg run and running on your toes.

Drink Adequate Amounts of Water

Water helps your body stay hydrated. In addition, it also boosts your recovery rate, ensuring your muscles are ready for the next training session. Also, it helps in keeping muscular injuries and muscle cramps at bay.

Train Your Ankles

Your ankles play a significant role in how fast you move. Lack of ankle mobility prohibits its range of motion, curtailing how quickly you move. To help boost your speed, incorporate ankle exercises such as ankle circles, squat jumps, and ankle bounces into your workout routine.


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