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You are almost making one of the most serious statements in your life that your fiancée, friends, and family members have been waiting for. You don’t want to do it casually definitely; you need to make it as memorable as possible. One of the best ways to make your woman feel like a queen is getting her a diamond ring.

Well, it can be somehow costly, but it shows how much you value her and you can spend as many bucks as possible to make her happy. Be sure, her love for you will deepen and when she will be at 80 years old, she will be remembering the action you are about to engage in. So where do you buy that diamond engagement ring?

Well, if you tell your friends that you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, be sure they will have ideas of the guys who sell them. Well, ideally, any diamond merchant they will tell you about is either a diamond wholesaler or a retailer. Which one should you go for to get a cheaper yet genuine diamond ring? Knowing what they do before settling on one is crucial.

Diamond Wholesaler

Basically, this is a person or company that buys diamonds in bulk and distributes them to various diamond retail stores. Of course, they enjoy huge discounts and if you are lucky to buy from them, the discount may be extended to you. Randor in Toronto has been in this market for years hence having access to the Rapaport Diamond Report where prices and weights of diamond are listed.

After choosing the diamond stone you love on your engagement ring, a diamond wholesaler will set the diamond at the center of the ring while allowing you to see the entire process. Within minutes you will have your bran new diamond ring. Randor wholesale rings have been the favorite of many couples and you can buy from them too to enjoy their considerable prices.

Diamond Retailer

This is a store or an outlet that buys small pieces of diamond from a diamond wholesaler to make the engagement ring, earrings or any other ornaments. One advantage of buying from a retailer is the accessibility of the merchandise.

You can touch and feel it and within the second move out the store with your ring. However, its major disadvantage is its high prices ranging between 25% and 40% higher than the one of a wholesaler.

Looking for a diamond can be a tiring exercise, especially in our millennial generation where we have many online diamond retailers and wholesalers. You can spend hours, days, weeks, and even months looking for the best diamond outlet that will sell you genuine product especially that diamond ring for your queen.


You don’t have to go through all those hassles when you have Randor wholesale rings that have been tested to be 100% pure diamond. You spend your money for the right carat weight. Now that you know the difference between a diamond wholesaler and retailer, you can make the right decision based on urgency, efficiency, and prices.


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  1. Well while buying diamond ring there are various points which you need to consider such as negotiation is the basic and important thing which you need to do while buying diamond as most of the jewelry dealer provide you discount if you want to know more about discounts then you can ask them to provide some negotiation in it moreover.

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