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Stated by long distance movers in Plano, moving is stressful enough for adults, but when you throw pets into the mix, the stress doubles. Traveling with pets is difficult because you can’t just throw them in the car and take off, especially if you will be on the road for hours or days.

In this article, let’s look at things to consider when you move with pets to ensure the both of you come through the ordeal as stress-free as possible.

Crating: Yay or Nay?

If your pet is used to it, put them in a crate for your trip. Crating is ideal because it ensures the safety of you and your pet and keeps you lawful because some states have strict rules about pets in cars.

If you crate your animal, make sure you have a large enough enclosure so they can stand and turn around and plenty of holes for ventilation.

If you can’t or don’t want to crate your pet, consider putting them in the backseat. Many dogs enjoy riding in the car and will happily hang out in the back with their heads out the window. If you’re concerned about your dog’s safety, there are a variety of doggy seat belts available to try if your pet will tolerate it.

Do A Test Drive

If your pet has never been in on a long drive, consider taking a test run, even one that spans a few days to see how they react. Maybe take a short weekend trip to get out of town and have fun and take your pet with you. Cats typically don’t do well on long car rides and will have to be crated, while dogs can go either way.


During your test drive, you might find your pet’s attitude to long rides in the car disagreeable. They might have trouble calming down, or they may whine and cry during the whole trip which shows they’re stressed. Some pets also get motion sickness and will throw up just like people.

When you run into situations where your pet is too stressed for the ride, consider going to your vet and getting some medication to help them relax.

Getting Equipped

If you’re letting your pet ride in the backseat, think about getting a pet barrier to keep them from jumping up front and causing a dangerous situation while driving. Also, bring along a toy for them to enjoy.

Take Potty & Food Breaks

Be sure to plan for plenty of breaks if you’re taking a long trip to give your pet the chance to stretch, use the bathroom and get a bite to eat. Don’t forget to bring bags to clean up after your pet!

Other Pets

If you have a pet other than a dog or cat, a cage or crate is a must. Birds, lizards, hamsters and such feel more comfortable in the home they live in.

If you plan well, moving with a pet can be a fun, pleasant experience.


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