black sneakers

Fashion your feet: cool sneakers that are trending this year

The sneaker has always been a highly versatile footwear option. Whether you’re playing basketball, going for a run, or hitting up the mall, there are cool sneakers that’ll suit your tastes.

But what sneaker fashions are trending right now? Keep reading to find out what sneaks are in style this year.

1. Chunky Soles/’90s Dad Shoe

The first thought when you look at these sneakers is probably not how cool they look. They are, after all, nearly exact replicas of the shoes our Dads wore in the ’90s. But, the Dad shoe remains a top trend going in 2020.

The …

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food dehydrator
Food Ideas

Factors to consider when buying a food dehydrator

Buying the best food dehydrator simply comes down to a balance between your preferences and your affordability. It’s not always about just buying the top food dehydrator brand as there are many options available in the market today and anyone of them could be best for you depending on your needs. There are both plastic and metal food dehydrators, and different storage capacities on offer, all of which can make a difference to the choice you make.

In order to make the decision somewhat easier, we will discuss the different factors you should take into account before you purchase a …

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diamond engagement ring

Why is shopping for your engagement ring so stressful? And how to make it easy?

Engagement is by far one of the oldest traditions of humankind whereby we formalize the couple’s relationship and announce it to the world. For as long as society has existed, it has been deemed important to make this commitment openly and publicly and is usually symbolized by the exchange of gifts and presents and an invitation to close family, friends, and relatives.

Although public engagements have seen a decline over the last couple of decades and it is becoming more and more a private affair, the exchange of engagement rings to denote the engagement is not only prevalent but on …

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