rustic kitchen design

How to enjoy a kitchen that will make you want to cook

You don’t really feel like walking into the kitchen and make dinner for your family, although you know that’s a great idea? Believe it or not, the way our space is managed and decorated can give us a good vibe or not so good vibe. If spending time in the kitchen is not among your favorite activities, maybe there’s something wrong with how the kitchen is made. Maybe there’s a bit too much chaos when it comes to organizing the items you need, maybe you have too little storage room, or the kitchen is simply outdated.

The kitchen is a …

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Teamyo fitness tracker
Health Ideas

My new Teamyo smartwatch

Today let me present you my latest acquisition technology-lifestyle-related. It’s a Teamyo smartwatch I’m in love with. I was thinking, some time ago, to try something cheap, test it thoroughly and then move, in about a year, to a high-end, more expensive smartwatch. But you know what, after wearing this one for a few weeks now, I don’t need a branded one anymore as this little guy satisfies me completely with all the functions it offers.

Why did I go for a smartwatch in the first place? Well, a smartwatch is not uncommon anymore. In this day and age, technology …

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fashion brands timeless

The names you know: 7 fashion brands that are timeless

Clothes may make the brand, or the brand may make the clothes. But, it doesn’t matter if the design is timeless. “Timeless” labels clothing which is chic, durable, and priced for quality rather than a current trend.

If you take a step back, you will see some common features among the fashions considered timeless. They have, for example, a clean look. Their lines are simple and emphasize the quality of the fabric rather than distract with frills and flourishes.

They trust neutral palettes selecting colours that mix and match easily with separates, accessories, and makeup. The shades and hues are …

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