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Bitcoin is arguably the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. You can reference made to it in music, television, and films. One of the reasons that Bitcoin is so popular is because anybody is able to invest in it – there are no barriers preventing people from being able to put their savings into it.

Another reason that Bitcoin’s so popular is because more and more places are starting to accept it as an actual currency, meaning that you can actually pay for things with Bitcoin, as you would with fiat currency.

This post will tell you about some of the places now accepting Bitcoin:

Digital Casinos

The most popular place for Bitcoin investors to spend their money is online casinos because it gives them an opportunity to increase their holdings without conducting any trades. In particular, Bitcoin poker sites are very popular. The reason for this is that poker isn’t a randomized game, meaning that it’s possible for those playing to be able to win through skill, rather than pure chance. You can participate in online tournaments, playing against other real people. Alternatively, you can play against artificial intelligence and bots. In order to win the most money, it’s usually best to play against real people, because you can utilize actual skills like knowledge of bluffing that way. Bitcoin casinos also give you the opportunity to play games like roulette, blackjack, and the wheel of fortune.

Computing Companies

Some of the world’s foremost computing companies now accept Bitcoin as payment. Microsoft, for example, allows people to use Bitcoin to purchase its products on the internet. One of the reasons that this is good is because people are able to use their Bitcoin to order products straight to their homes, without having to pay the fees associated with converting Bitcoin to the fiat currency of their choosing. The cost of converting Bitcoin into fiat currency can be very high, depending on the platform that’s used. Other computing companies are also starting to wake up to the benefits of accepting Bitcoin and are allowing customers to pay using it.

Payment Processors

Some payment processing companies accept Bitcoin and allow people to pay into their accounts with Bitcoin, and then send money out directly as a fiat currency. This means that people are saved from the trouble of having to convert their money since they can send it directly. The thing with using payment processors to send Bitcoin is that you will still be charged a fee, although the fee is usually a lot less than what would be charged with a proper crypto exchange. It’s also a lot faster to do it this way.

Online Merchants

Some online merchants are now accepting Bitcoin as a currency on their sites. Many people all around the world want Bitcoin to begin to be used as an actual currency since it is unregulated and people have more freedom with it. Because of this, online merchants (like clothes sellers for example), are accepting it. People who want to remain anonymous or don’t like submitting their bank details for purchases are able to use their Bitcoin to make purchases, without giving away their identity, location, or financial information. With that said, whenever a purchase is made, naturally one’s personal details and address have to be attached, otherwise, it couldn’t be delivered.

Food Distributors

Some food distributors and grocery stores (like Whole Foods, for example) are now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. As mentioned in the previous section, lots of people all around the world want Bitcoin to become a currency that’s used in daily life. Food stores have responded to these requests by accepting the currency. It’s actually possible for people to get Bitcoin cards, and then pay for their food in-store, meaning that not every purchase has to be conducted online. The use of Bitcoin cards is becoming a lot more common.

E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce sites like Etsy have been accepting Bitcoin for a while. As has been mentioned throughout, this allows people to protect their financial information, and make purchases anonymously. The ability to purchase items from Etsy using Bitcoin means that you don’t have to pay any fees for currency conversion, either. Etsy and other e-commerce sites accept direct Bitcoin transfers. Bitcoin transfers do take a little longer to process than other purchases do, but they are nonetheless a good way of purchasing items without having to submit one’s bank details or pay crypto conversion fees.

Bitcoin is a very promising cryptocurrency, that’s starting to be accepted and used all over the world for routine, basic purchases. As this post shows, more and more retailers are starting to accept it as a method of payment. It’s clear that over the coming years that the use of Bitcoin will increase even more.


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