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Six ways you can avoid being gazumped

If you are in the process of buying a house, being gazumped means that the seller decides to accept a higher offer from another buyer in the final stages of the process. This can be very costly due to all the non-refundable costs that you may well have already paid out, not to mention the wasted time and inconvenience to you and other people further down the chain.

Sadly, gazumping is legal in England and Wales, so unless you live in Scotland, it pays to be aware of how to minimize the chances of it happening to you. Read our …

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Is IQ Option a good broker for new traders?

IQ Option is a growing online investment platform that allows users to trade stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, and options. IQ Option initially offered only binary options trading; its early success allowed it to diversify and become a popular platform for many types of investing. Tens of millions of users have accounts on IQ Option, and users withdraw 10 million dollars from their accounts monthly. Part of the appeal of IQ Option is that the minimum deposit required to begin trading is so low. One can start trading after depositing only $10, and trades can be as small as $1. IQ Option …

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Is Kucoin a good alternative to Binance for American traders?

Since American investors are not currently allowed to access the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, they may be looking for alternatives to Binance. Most of these alternatives trade only a few coins and do not offer the wide selection of altcoins that are available on Binance. The Hong Kong-based exchange Kucoin is an exception to this rule. More than 200 different coins can be traded on Kucoin, so it is not tricky for American traders to trade less well-known currencies. One advantage of trading cheaper and less well-known coins is that they can sometimes rise quickly in value. Buying new coins that …

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