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Manchester’s high population growth, awesome location and strong local economy have made the city earn a chance to be among the fewest locations in the world where people strive to own properties. People want to live or own a property in an appealing place and Manchester has proven this beyond measures. However, when it comes to buying, selling or even mortgaging a property, the process can be a daunting one. Therefore, this article is written to help make up your mind if you really need a property in Manchester and if so, the right procedure to follow. At the end of this article, you will have all the facts you need.

Benefits of living or investing in a property in Manchester

Manchester is one of the best locations in the UK. Apart from the availability of many resources and accessibility to amenities, here are some amazing reasons why you should consider moving to Manchester or better still, own a property.


One impressive feature you will enjoy in Manchester is the quality transport options available. The city enjoys the 21st century transport infrastructure. Besides, Manchester will also be a beneficiary of the HS2, billions of pounds being pumped into the rail project. Meaning, when the services of transport by train begin, travelling in and out of the city will be super fast. In fact, it will take you about an hour to reach London. Roads and the airport have not been left out and major improvements are also taking part. Manchester is a city striving to provide state-of-the-art transport options needed by both residents and visitors.

Fast-growing economy

Manchester city’s economy has picked up quite well and this has led to a lot of admiration. No wonder most of the UK’S leading public companies have a branch here. Furthermore, the performance of Manchester professional and financial sectors is excellent. The health sector is also incredibly strong and as you know, healthy people are more productive.

Fast-growing population

There are so many advantages associated with fast-growing populations such as ready markets and availability of labour force among many others. For instance, Manchester enjoys a large population of students who choose to remain here after their studies. As a result, Manchester has access to exceptionally qualified personnel from the region’s universities. Plus, with the growing young population, the demand for new houses will continue to rise. If you intend to buy a house, you better do so now because the properties will continue to be in demand. It is also a good idea to think of buying now and selling it after some time and earn a profit.

Cost of living

The high cost of living in London is outrageous. It can even discourage most of the graduates to settle there. However, the case is different if you choose to relocate to Manchester. Here, with the same rent price that led you to live in low standard areas in London can enable you to get a penthouse apartment in Manchester with a beautiful surrounding. The housing fair prices are not the only encouraging part. In general, life in Manchester is far much less expensive when you compare it with the capital.

Fun places to hang out

Like mentioned above, Manchester enjoys a growing population of young people who are active and vibrant. Apart from being qualified professionals, they also enjoy having fun. If you like partying, Manchester has a lot of places you can go to and have lots of fun.

If you are a night person, nightlife here is on another level. As for drinks, the choices will spoil you. If you are the hard to please type, just bar-hop until you come across the one that excites you. No point of settling for less when your type is waiting for you. The good thing is that Manchester has something for everyone no matter your style or how you fit in. Anything to do with entertainment, Manchester has got you covered. As for food, don’t worry about being hungry, this is the ‘promised land’ with enough food and drinks to satisfy all. Manchester is leading with the number of new restaurants opening every day in the whole of the UK.

Cheaper Real Estate

If where you live has made it extremely difficult to save for a house because rent is too high, or even if you try and save the houses are too expensive, its time you consider relocating to Manchester. Here, owning a house is not just a dream and even when it’s a dream, it will materialize sooner than you would have imagined. Although it is possible to own a property here now, property prices are now rising up and so it’s better you don’t wait any longer to get a good deal.

Beauty is enough

The beauty of Manchester city is enough to entice you to live here forever. While London is seen as the fashion centre of the UK, Manchester is probably taking over faster than everyone thought. Over time, a lot of investors have come to Manchester and the capital they have poured into their businesses have made the city greater and bigger. If you are flamboyant and love city life, the stylish glass and steel structures dominating the city will steal your heart. But if you love the quiet rural life, you will still get a place to call home.

The legal procedure of owning a property in Manchester

Now that you are convinced that a property in your name in Manchester is a good idea, gather your resources and head to the North.

Whether you want to Buy to Live or Buy to Let, you need to find the right property. Hence, the first option should be to choose the area you like. Check for the amenities you cannot imagine living without. When you make up your mind, look for your ideal home or better still, your dream house. If you fail to get a brand new house due to their scarcity, you can still get a good house in the resale market.

The process may prove to be difficult when doing it alone but if you consult the right property solicitors in Manchester you will get the much-needed help. They are the most suitable professionals to help you choose the right property. They will guide you into acquiring the property faster and legitimately. However, when dealing with a property agent, make sure you keep in touch so that they can inform you of any developments. Also, make sure you also avail yourself whenever necessary.


From what you have read, Manchester is a place worth living or at least owning a property. Don’t allow all the benefits to pass you by. Do your research and invest in a property you will live to enjoy.


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