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The best 14 iOS apps for teachers and educators

Long gone are the days of straight rows and chalkboards. A quiet and independent learning environment is no longer considered effective. With the introduction of new evaluation systems, planned and unplanned walkthroughs, and the debut of the Common Core State Standards it is no wonder why teachers have been scrambling for innovative ways to stand out – or better yet – survive.

Suggested ways to engage students in learning through technology are:

  • Global learning
  • Multimedia
  • Video streaming
  • Gaming
  • Staying on trend
  • Connecting to world

iOS Apps (or Apple applications for iPod and iPad), if used properly, can have a profound …

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7 ways to balance work, social life and fitness

With only 24 hours in a day, striking a good balance between work, social life and fitness is a real challenge. Many people chose to dedicate most of their time to one thing in their life and almost completely neglect the other two which results in stress, anxiety, depression and other health issues. So, if you’re struggling to juggle these three major life parts, here’s a little guide that will certainly help on your quest towards balance.

Make a fool-proof schedule

Achieving a good balance between work, socializing and fitness rarely just happens. Everyone who manages to fit everything in …

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10 DIY Minecraft ideas and decor

Kids nowadays are no strangers to video games. If you allow your kids time on the tablet for educational purposes, chances are they are also exposed to a variety of entertaining games. So it’s no surprise that they may pick up a game-themed celebration for their upcoming birthday party.

One of the most commonly requested game-themed trends in the past few years is a Minecraft-themed party. If you’re not familiar with Minecraft, it’s a game that allows your character to explore an infinite vast world where you can build things, hunt monsters, and mine for resources. The incredible amount of …

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