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We all seek our unique ways to express ourselves. We all secretly hope to leave a mark in the world. The only difference is that we use different methods to achieve this goal.

Some create thought-provoking art; some develop video games; others fight for the environment. There are thousands of ways to express your inner talent and let the world benefit from it. One is lucky to find his/her true passion and life calling. But finding your destined vocation isn’t the end of the story. It is just the beginning.

Writing is an ancient craft. Our ancestors hoped to make a dent in the universe, as their manuscripts successfully made it to our present day. But there’s more to it. It is in our nature to spread the word. After all, the first languages are generated from gossips. Gossips! Prehistoric humans were so eager to spill the tea that they had to invent languages to make it happen. Truth be told, our ancestors aren’t that different from us.

Luckily, we live in progressive times that boosted writing possibilities to an unbelievable level. A paper can take any form, any direction, any expression. Writers have unlimited options to choose from. But greater choice comes with greater responsibilities and challenges.

How to become a good writer?

First things first. Define who is a good writer in your very own beliefs. There are too many writing styles and approaches to choose from. But to become a successful author yourself, you must understand what writing type attracts you the most.

It is believed that a good writer is a flexible author who can take on different styles, a different tone of voice, a different target audience, etc. In other words, someone who is versatile and so profound that impossible is nothing against his/her writing skills.

But you are free to have a different opinion. Some find friendly and down-to-earth writers as the best ones. Some prefer specifics and a low-key voice behind their readings. Others admire a pure literary style and intricate language. Find out what resonates with your talents.

Okay, so what happens next?

Work hard, study harder. To become a better writer, you need to learn your lesson first. A handful of lessons, to be exact. But if you wish to succeed one day, this is the high-road to make it happen.

What skills reside in a stellar writer?

Let’s uncover every artistry in detail!

1. You must know your target audience

Not really a skill but a crucial requirement if you hope for your articles to reach out to the right people. If you’re a student, you must know what is expected of you. Every class and every professor has special requirements. Make sure to know your directives. Keep an image of your reader in your head while working on the piece.

2. You must know your topic ideally

Bad news, pals. To sound like an expert, you need to actually be an expert. Otherwise, your reader will spot even the littlest hesitation and neglect reading your work. Therefore, research always comes first!

3. You must know whether your topic is relevant

Have been assigned a specific topic to work on? Congratulations! You are free from the worst burden ever: how to find the best-fitting topic. Content creators spend weeks looking for up and coming topics to uncover in their pieces. Undoubtedly, when one is lucky to find a perfect topic, the writing process is destined to be less stressful. Or not. It really depends on the case.

4. You must have a well-elaborated plan to follow

A plan, also known as a strategy, is a must-have for every keen writer. You might think you’re too good to spend time working on a blueprint. Trust us: even the greatest writers in the world start working on their masterpieces by composing a plan.

How to compile an outline? A general writing process usually involves the following steps:

  • Topic selection
  • Research, research, research!
  • Make a structure of your future text
  • Write the first draft
  • Research more if there’s a lack of information
  • Turn your draft into a stellar paper
  • Edit and proofread the outcome
  • Ask your friends to check the final draft
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labors!

And here we go again: every case is unique. You might have a different plan depending on the type of writing or its purpose.

5. You must have enough references to refer to

This rule works not only for college students. Even when writing an article for a fashion magazine, one must have credible resources to ground their writings on. Knowledge is powerful. And luckily, there’s no need to spend sleepless nights at libraries to collect the required information. Open your browser and start to dig for relevant material.

6. You must work on your style and language

Truth be told, this point deserves a whole new article. But we’ll try to be precise. No matter how good is your topic or research, it is your author’s style that matters the most. How you approach words in your head and turn them into sentences, paragraphs, texts. Here’s what you have to develop first and foremost:


Enrich your vocab with new words and phrases daily. When you read an article and spot an attractive speech pattern, make an effort to write it down. Ideally, you should have a list of interesting patterns and phrases to use in your writings.


Every style is unique. But thousands of analyses have proven that there is an ultimate formula to use. Good content must be specific, must be comprised of simple words and sentences, must have short paragraphs and subheadings. Above all, good content must be free from mistakes and typos.


How do we explain this? Every text has its tone of voice. This is the tone your reader shares when reading the piece. Our advice is to keep your tone confident, friendly, slightly emotional, and knowledge-based. Try to be flexible. Depending on the topic, you can adjust the way you speak to your audience.

Our time for this section is limited (we need to keep it short, remember?) So check this article to find out more tips on how to improve your writing style.

7. You must find your perfect writing spot

The environment you work in matters a lot. You should find an ideal place that gives you comfort and sparkles inspiration. Maybe a table near the window, or a boulangerie, or an estranged park bench. Check out different places to find the one you feel the safest at.

8. You mustn’t be afraid to ask for help

Learning from the best is the ultimate way to master your skills. Take an example from brilliant writers who’ve already succeeded to find their writing styles. Look for content creators online or simply click this site to meet the best writing experts right away.

Let professionals guide you to become a better writer. But remember this: be unique and write your own story.


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