child drinking water
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How to ensure safe drinking water for your children

It is nearly impossible to keep water free from all traces of contaminants. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, even drinking water “may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants”.

Those “small amounts of contaminants” are no issue for the most of us. Adults in particular are unlikely to be adversely affected by them.

Children are not quite as impervious to contaminants as adults however. As noted by the World Health Organization, children are more vulnerable to environmental risks because they are still developing.

8 Hacks on Safe Drinking Water For Your Kids

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wedding celebration

5 best ways to celebrate wedding’s day

You should have already sat down and tried to figure out why all those things happen on your birthday and other celebrations. Why is it that almost every celebration that you had ended up in a bar drinking and getting crazy? Is it the same trend that should continue with your wedding anniversary celebrations? Is the same thing that should happen when you are celebrating your wedding? No need to go elsewhere to find the answers of these questions, all the best ways are detailed here…

Here I will take this opportunity to show you some simple solutions and a …

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how to stay sober from alcohol
Health Lifestyle

How to stay sober during certain situations

Recovering from an alcohol addiction isn’t a simple thing to do. You don’t just suddenly stop wanting to drink; it’s a lifelong struggle that will have its challenging moments. Unfortunately, there will be times where you may feel the urge to start drinking again. Luckily, you can recognize and overcome those feelings whenever they creep up.

Emotionally Heavy Times

Life can bring you down; you can be doing well, and then something happens that can negatively affect you or your outlook. Finding out about the death of a loved one or being laid off from your job can make your …

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