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Losing someone you love is never an easy experience. It doesn’t matter whether the death is sudden, they have been ill for a long time, or for any other reason. You will need time to grieve, it is an essential part of the process of moving on.

Naturally, you probably won’t want to move on. One thing that can really help is to find a way to honour your loved one. There are plenty of options:


This may seem like a traditional option. However, the headstone is important regardless of the type of funeral your love done has had. A headstone can sit at the top of the grave, in a memorial park for anyone cremated, or you can even keep one at home.

The point is to create a stunning headstone that helps you to remember your loved one and feel inspired to tackle the future. You’ll find some great ideas at Headstone Memorials Hawkesbury. The headstone doesn’t need to be where your loved one is buried.

Do Their Favourite Thing

This is becoming a very popular option as it makes it much easier to move on. Commit to doing your loved one’s favourite activity on the same date every year. Get as many family and friends involved as possible. This makes it a great way of staying in touch with people while honouring the person you love.

It doesn’t matter if your loved one liked a long walk, a day on the beach, or driving at the race track, you can find something that honours their activity and brings everyone else together.

Best of all, this approach ensures you’ll never forget them. Knowing that makes it easy to move on.

Finish Their Project

If your loved one has passed away without finishing a project that was dear to them, then you can commit to doing it for them.

Set yourself a timescale and finish their project. You can then dedicate it to their memory and decide whether to donate it to a good cause or keep it yourself.

Create A Scholarship Program

A great way to remember your loved one, help future generations, and inspire people, is to create a scholarship program. The aim is to help less fortunate people to have an opportunity in life. You don’t need a significant amount of funds to get the project off the ground, just a commitment to creating the program. You will find people willing to support it.

Memorial Bench Or Well

Buying a bench with a memorial plaque and donating it to the local park is something that people have done for years. It’s still a valid option. However, if you wish, you can take this a step further and have a well-built in your local park. The well can be dedicated to your loved one and people will throw coins in to make a wish. It adds beauty and hope to many people’s lives.

Of course, if you prefer you can donate toward building a well in a country without clean water.


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