young woman working in shared workspace
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Tips for protecting yourself in shared workspaces

Renting an office can be a costly affair especially to young entrepreneurs. From rent to other bills such as water, electricity, internet and telephone lines, things can sometimes go haywire and leave you closing the business almost immediately. That’s why the idea of opting for shared workspaces has been embraced by many entrepreneurs willing to build their own businesses. Shared workspaces give you the chance to grow your business in a suitable location surrounded by a community of innovative people without spending a fortune.

Shared workspaces are also flexible allowing people to choose their working hours. There are many companies …

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bearded man playing golf
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Can playing golf help you get better at work?

For most people in business, golfing is an extension of work since they negotiate deals as they are playing, and the game also has physical and psychological advantages. Businessmen who have made it, consider the golf course to be a metaphor. It symbolizes the various challenges they encounter at the workplace. Therefore, they find inspiration to maintain the right workplace culture, and also find ways to resolve work-related issues.

Here are some of the ways playing golf can get you better at work.

1. Improves Work Ethics

As a golfer, you have to monitor your behavior around the golf course. …

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businessman using laptop

8 steps to improve your business’ cyber security if you have remote workers

Since much of the workforce has gone remote, cybersecurity has become a concern. UK Google searches for “cyber defense” have increased by 126 percent between January and March 2020. “Cybersecurity services” searches rose by 44 percent.

While it seems like concerns for cybersecurity and remote working are heightened, only 34 percent of small businesses update employees on security requirements for personal devices. And 52 percent of workers feel that riskier behaviour is less of a liability when they work remotely.

Cybersecurity remains an issue and businesses should take steps to improve the security of their remote workers. Here are eight …

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