Downtown of Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a jewel of the midwest, and on track with a full revitalization project.

With investment both private and public, this city is making a splash, and it’s a great place to get your brand noticed. You’ll notice a lot more Indianapolis billboards in the area now that things are turning around.

But since Indy hasn’t been in the spotlight for a while, you may not know the hotspots and business tactics that work best in town. Here are the nine best ways to get your brand noticed in Indianapolis, and tap into a growing audience of more than one million people.

1. Learn About Local Life

Your target audience here will be the proud people of Indianapolis, so start by getting to know them and their needs. These folks are resilient yet friendly and love to have a good time. They tend to be family-oriented and enjoy the outdoors when the weather permits.

The vibe in Indy is modern, but not in a cosmopolitan sense like New York or LA. Appeal to the down-to-earth nature of the people here, and your brand will do great.

2. Know the Lay of the Land

By understanding metrics like population density, traffic patterns, and more, you’ll have a better idea of where to place your Indianapolis billboards and get the most for your ad spend.

Some of the best neighborhoods to focus your efforts include Delaware Trails, Devon, Broad Ripple, and Glendale. If you can identify where traffic flows from these middle-class areas and place ads accordingly, you’ll be in a great position to profit.

3. Leverage the IndyGo System

The IndyGo transit system is limited to bus only, but serves a wide diversity of people in terms of backgrounds, income levels, and lifestyles. Everyone from blue-collar workers to students and cost-conscious professionals board buses daily to go from A to B.

This also presents your brand a chance to earn some new customers, so consider creating transit-specific advertisements that appeal to the commuting crowd.

4. Take Advantage of Digital Media

Indianapolis may not have the high-tech reputation of a Silicon Valley or Midtown Manhattan, but citizens here are fully on board with digital media in all its forms.

Forward-thinking businesses are thinking beyond the standard Indianapolis billboards and going digital in new ways.

Media displays are prevalent everywhere, from mom & pop storefronts to the biggest sports and music venues in the city. You’ll also find OOH media spaces throughout the various college campuses in the area, including IUPUI, Butler University, and the University of Indianapolis.

5. Make Your Presence Known Downtown

Like all cities, downtown is the place to be if you’re a business making waves in Indy. The downtown has bounced back to life in many ways, with tons of attractions, restaurants, hotels, walkable districts, and more.

You can place ads on street furniture, wallscapes, murals, bus stops, and many other formats that make an impact every day of the week.

6. Cover Every Corner of the City

Indianapolis isn’t the world’s biggest city, but it does cover quite a bit of ground spanning out from the urban core. Indianapolis billboards should cover all bases to reach the maximum number of people, not only within the “circle of the 465” but also in the various outskirt neighborhoods.

That way, you’ll be sure to connect with more people over a long span of time. You’ll catch the eye of tourists and longtime Indy citizens as well, striking the perfect marketing balance.

7. Connect with City Initiatives

The official tourism board of Indianapolis is eager to get business up and running throughout the city, so it can’t hurt to reach out and team up with the people on the front lines.

Your business can be listed in the online registry, helping you boost your Google search score and earn greater trust. You can also put your business front and center during summer when festivals, events, breweries, and other attractions are in motion.

8. Emphasize the Outdoors

Indianapolis is home to many people who love the outdoors, whether it’s hiking, cycling, or just spending time in the beautiful parks that the city offers.

You don’t want to cover these public spaces with ads, but if you can advertise nearby and appeal to the conscious outdoor types, that’s always good for business. Indianapolis billboards can still make a statement from a distance.

9. Tap Into the Sports Culture

Indy citizens are proud of their teams, from the Hoosiers to the Colts, the Pacers, and more. Don’t forget the famous Indy 500 race that takes place each July, which always draws attention nationwide.

You may not get that primetime ad space at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but you can certainly sponsor any of the professional or amateur sporting events year-round. If you make your brand known and show love for the home team, that’s the winning formula.

Brand Recognition in Indy and Beyond

Indianapolis won’t be a secret for much longer. Get ahead of the game now and establish your business reputation before the city reaches new levels of success and population growth.


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