stretch marks

Most of us, if not, all of us can relate to the feeling of seeing those unwelcomed scars on our skin, zigzagging their way up to our tummies, sides, thighs, or elsewhere. Stretch marks – these are the pesky lines that we seem to all have and can’t easily get rid of. Although not harmful, these lines seem pretty unnecessary and are not exactly what people would like to see on their bodies.

So what exactly are these little silver or red lines sneaking their way across our body? Why do they appear? Also, how can you get rid of them?

Listed here are the leading causes of stretch marks and some things that may help fade their appearance.

Causes of Stretch Marks


When a woman is pregnant, the belly naturally grows and the skin around it is pulled tight over the new mass that is formed. This tears the tissue which then causes the stretch marks. During pregnancy, these marks usually appear around the sixth or seventh month. It is generally seen on the mothers’ buttocks, belly, hips, thighs, and chest.


Stretch marks commonly appear on both boys and girl when they go through puberty. This happens as teens experience a sudden and rapid growth which leads to pulling the skin and forming those lines. Young women usually get them around the breasts, hips, thighs, and buttocks. As boys get them in different areas of their bodies, too as they quickly gain weight.

Weight Gain

Just like what happens in pregnancy, when the body mass suddenly increases the skin won’t be able to keep up causing it to tear and form stretch marks. When a person loses weight, the stretch marks somehow fade, but when weight gain persists the stretch marks get darker and thicker. This is why it is important to watch your weight to prevent these lines from forming and being permanently visible.

Ways to Reduce Stretch Marks


Skin cells are continuously producing while old ones die off and shed. This is when exfoliating comes in handy and helps the new layer of skin come to surface. Regular exfoliation helps speed up the repair of damaged tissues, marks and other blemishes. This can be incorporated into your skin care routine once or twice a week. Exfoliation also removes dead skin cells from stretch marks which allows your other skin treatments to penetrate and work faster deeply. Eventually, your scars will fade and keep your skin looking fresh and bright.


It is essential to stay hydrated inside and out for overall skin health. Applying moisturizer regularly may help in fading your stretch marks. This helps lock in moisture which is needed to maintain skin elasticity. When the skin gets dry, your skin cells won’t be able to draw moisture which weakens them and damages their structure. It is best to apply moisturizer right after you bathe which is when your pores are more likely open and receptive to the product you use.


Sun exposure is known to be the leading cause of several skin disorders. The UV Rays cause wrinkles, spots, pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity and other signs of aging. The primary reason why sun affects stretch marks is that it disrupts the production of collagen which is a key component in healing and fading stretch marks. Be sure to apply sunblock even when you’re inside your office or car – remember, UV Rays can penetrate through glass.

Laser Treatments

Try non-invasive treatments such as laser therapies available in aesthetic clinics such as Blink Beauty. These are usually done with the help of modern technology that is known to bring quick and effective results. It works by penetrating the skin and triggering regeneration. It also helps stimulate tissues around the stretch mark to make it heal faster.

One type of laser treatment is Picosure – painless and requires no downtime. This focuses on pigmentations and produces new collagen and elastin for a younger looking skin. Though effective, this is usually done with several sessions.

There are other laser therapies targeting stretchmarks which are best to discuss with your dermatologist. Also, be wise and only go for the services offered by fully trained and licensed healthcare practitioners.

Exercise to Improve Skin and Muscle Tone

The skin can easily adapt and stretch together with the body mass. However, there are times that changes occur so fast the skin isn’t able to keep up, this is what causes damage to the skin and leads to stretch marks. Although exercise can’t entirely help fade present stretchmarks, it can play a significant role in preventing them from adding up. Regular exercise can stop weight gain which is one of the leading causes of these unwanted lines. Additionally, it maintains the skin’s elasticity which prevents it from tearing easily.


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