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Dry skin is par for the course when the temperatures dip and we say goodbye to the last rays of summer, but this doesn’t mean you need to struggle with the side effects of dry skin till spring rolls around again!

Dry skin is extremely uncomfortable and downright annoying, because not only can it prevent a smooth makeup application, it can itch and burn and put your skin at risk for cracks and infection.

You may think you can head to your local drugstore and pick up the first deep moisturizer you see, but apart from the fact that it’s probably brimming in chemicals, conventional moisturizers usually only provide temporary relief when you need long-term comfort!

In this article we’ll share a few natural and organic moisturizers that will provide head to toe hydration, as well as let you in on a few tips for better absorption.

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Argan Oil and Pumpkin Organic Body Wash by Acure Organics

Argan Oil and Pumpkin Organic Body Wash by Acure OrganicsWhy wait till you’re out of the shower to indulge your skin in the moisture it so clearly craves!

Why not try a moisturizer that will infuse your skin with a deep dose of hydration, along with powerful antioxidants and soothing chamomile for skin that feels soft and moisturized all day long!

This body wash is brimming in luxurious oils and brightening pumpkin to leave your skin infused with moisture with a radiant glow!

One of our best tips in the shower is to keep the water temperature lukewarm, because hot water can strip beneficial oils from the skin and leave it feeling tight and dry.

S.W. Basics Mini Cream

S.W. Basics Mini CreamS.W. Basics has an excellent facial moisturizer that will soon become a winter staple! This mini cream is the perfect size for travel, so you can keep it with you in your handbag for whenever you need a boost of moisture.

A blend of Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Olive Oil make this a rich, decadent formula that will leave your skin super hydrated and perfectly dewy.

Moisturizer is better able to penetrate the pores when applied to damp skin, so always apply your body and facial moisturizer when you’re fresh out of your bath or shower and your skin is still slightly damp.

Sweet Coconut Organic Body Butter by Rose Mira

Sweet Coconut Organic Body Butter by Rose MiraThis is a body butter that we have been loving all winter long so far! Not only does the dreamy creamy texture of coconut oil and mango butter hydrate like no other, the sublime essential oils of exotic Vanilla Bourbon and uplifting Sweet Orange take this butter to the next level!

Anti-aging Organic Facial Oil by AnnMarie

Anti-aging Organic Facial Oil by AnnMarieThis beautiful, handcrafted oil will take your skin from drab to dull after just one application!
The luxurious, herb-infused formula delivers an intense burst of moisture to keep skin supple, dewy and radiant! Antioxidant-rich seed oils, including chia, goji berry, and broccoli fight free radicals that may age the skin, while jojoba oil softens and conditions and perfectly balances your skin.

Next time you slather your skin in your facial oil, be sure to tap it gently into your skin rather than rub it in.

This tapping motion helps the product to sink into the pores, whereas rubbing it can actually slide the product off your skin.

Bella Rose Renew Organic Eye Cream by Rose Mira

Bella Rose Renew Organic Eye Cream by Rose MiraIt’s easy to skip this step, but your facial moisturizer is not intense enough for your delicate eye area.

Because the glands around your eyes produce little to no oil, this area requires deep hydration in the form of an eye cream brimming in nutrients to tighten, brighten and tone.

You also want a product that contains ingredients to de-puff for wide awake eyes no matter how little sleep you may have gotten the night before.

This gorgeous eye cream is infused with brightening Chinese pearl powder and an anti-aging rose essential oil blend. It smooths and tones the skin and the floral scent helps to lift the spirits.

Always apply your eye cream with your ring finger and tap until fully absorbed.
These helpful tips and excellent hydrating products will ensure you are moisturized from head to toe and every inch of you will be enveloped in a soothing and comforting veil of hydration!


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