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Keeping your kitchen organized is important as far as functionality and efficiency is concerned. A cluttered kitchen will always be a distraction and could result in serious accidents, something that should be avoided. Your kitchen gadgets should be well stored and not only so but also properly cleaned before the storage. Whether you have a spacious kitchen or a small one, the following tips will come in handy in helping you keep it well organized at any given time of the year. They include the following:

Install cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a sure way to keep your kitchen organized. They are also ideal in that they help save space especially because you can install them above your work areas including the sinks. If you can do a little bit of remodelling to your kitchen, installing some cabinets will be a great first step to start with.

Store kitchen your gadgets based on their usage

You might be having multiple kitchen appliances and utensils and these could make your kitchen look cumbersome if not properly stored. To avoid this, it will be important to store each gadget based on how regularly it’s used, keeping those that you need on a daily basis within reach while those not used regularly could be stored higher/deeper in the cabinets. Your kitchen items should be grouped systematically to keep your kitchen organized. If you bake regularly, keep your baking pans and ingredients in the lower cabinets while other items rarely used should go to the top cabinets.

Declutter the kitchen

A functional and efficient kitchen always starts with decluttering. It is important to make sure that each kitchen gadget is stored in an organized manner. The most likely thing is that you have multiple gadgets ranging from knife sets to ice cream maker to food processor to blender among others. These can take the entire kitchen space if not properly arranged. The best way is to get rid of what is unnecessary and retain what you need. It’s even better if you can get multi-functional kitchen appliances as these will help reduce the overall number of appliances in your kitchen.

Use see-through containers to save space

Your food stuffs would need to be stored in the kitchen cabinets and there’s no better way to do this than to use some see-through containers. Most of these are good for saving the available space and also help you access the food you need when you need it. Rectangular or squared containers are ideal for using in the cupboard as they stack perfect well without leaving a lot of space in-between them. They can also be organized easily in the dishwasher or microwave without giving you stress. Just get these containers and label them for easier identification.

Hang items using adhesive hooks

Adhesive hooks are a great option when you want to organize your kitchen. These can be used in different places including the underside of your upper kitchen cabinets or inside the drawers. You can opt for removable adhesive hooks to hand sifters, serving spoons or measuring tools especially those that you need to use regularly. These hooks come in different sizes and can be used based in the size of the kitchen gadgets or items you need to organize. If intended for dough hooks and beaters, then large command hooks will be the most ideal option.

Label things

Do you remember the see-through containers we mentioned earlier on? These are not only ideal for helping you create space but can also work greatly in helping you know how much of your foodstuff is remaining at any given time. Since you’ll use these to store things such as sugar, flour and cereals, you will be able to maximize the intelligent storage in your kitchen especially when you store them together. You can label these containers to help you trace things quickly and thus save time. This kind of approach helps maximize organization and efficiency in the kitchen, something you really need each and every day.

These tips will help keep any kitchen well organized thus enhancing safety, efficiency while at the same time helping your kitchen look spacious at any given time. They will work for spacious and small kitchens and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the desired results.


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