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When it comes to a wedding dress, brides have chosen to emulate Queen Victoria. Before the tiny monarch marched down the aisle to meet up with Prince Albert, many brides choose varied colors of all sorts on their wedding day. The bridal dress was her best dress. After she wore white, on her wedding day to show off the dress’s lovely lace trim, white became the color for many brides in many countries. Today, white is still the color most often seen on brides everywhere. However, many brides are deciding to go in a different direction. They’ve decided to think about new colors that look just as good. Colors like emerald green, red and shades of blue can stand out and make the bride feel wonderful in any kind of HoneyWed wedding dresses.

Dove Gray

Charming, understated dove gray has long been a favorite that remains as popular as ever today. Many brides have chosen this shade of grey because is says festive and can be worn on many other occasions. Dove gray is a shade with both history and modern flair. This is a good choice for brides with darker skin tones who might feel that white is perhaps too bright. Grey adds just a hint of another color to the standard ivory dress and brings it in an entirely new direction. Those who are looking for a color that can be easily accessorized should think about this hue. It works will lots of other colors often seen at weddings such as pink, lavender and mint green.

Emerald Green

A strong jewel tone is another option for the bride who loves the idea of being easily seen on her wedding day. Emerald tones are full of shimmer and brightness. If you’re going in this direction, look for fabrics that stand up well with this color. Thick fabrics like silk and satin are show off the richer glints. This is an excellent option for the bride planning an outdoor wedding. Emerald green is good for the bride with dark hair and strong features. It’s a good choice for the bride who wants to dress her bridesmaids in equally similar tones. Show this one off even more with emerald and diamond jewelry to bring in even more light and color.

Pale Blue

Pale shades of blue like powder blue, ice blue, morning glory and sky blue are right for the fresh new season. This is one shade that calls to mind the sea, ocean and river. A pale blue dress is the ideal dress to wear for a wedding in such locations. It makes people think of other outdoor features such as the sky and a field of flowers. If you have blue eyes, this hue will bring them out and draw people’s eyes to your face. Use with colors on the same side of the color spectrum. Greens and yellows are in the same family and look wonderful. Consider dressing your attendants in white for an amusing and interesting take on the standard white wedding look.

Peaches and Cream

The term peaches and cream refers to unblemished complexion that calls to mind the lovely tones of luscious peaches and the delicious cream that often accompanies them. Use this as inspiration for your own wedding day look. Pale shades of peach fit in well with other pastel shades like butter yellow and lime green. This is an excellent choice for a wedding during the warmer months when you want to be outdoors as much as possible. It’s also a look that needs a bouquet with the same tones. Pick out white, yellow and apricot roses along with thick babies breath and a hint of green in the background.

Silver and Gold

Silver and gold are great colors that go well together. These are two tones that are easy to incorporate into any standard wedding look with ease. Shimmering silver beads can be worked into the fabric of the wedding dress to offer unexpected contrast. The same thing is true of gold. A dressmaker can easily bring in rich gold thread for a look that’s regal and incredibly rich. Jewelry can be an integral part of this look with lots of gold and silver on your wrists and at your neck. Add in additional precious stones like rubies and sapphires and get the upscale look you’ve dreamed about for any formal wedding event.

Ultra Violet

Many brides absolutely love standing out on their big day. If white feels too retiring, now is the opportunity to head in an entirely different direction completely. This is a shade that calls to mind the mod colors of the nineteen sixties and today’s evening skies at the same time. It’s no wonder it was a color of the year from a leading organization dedicated to all things colorful and fun. This is where basic purple gets deeper and more lively. Ultra violet is a full color for the bride who loves life and wants it on her wedding day. It works all season long no matter the outside temperatures. Use with equally strong shades of color like hot pink, navy blue and cherry reds.

Vibrant Red

Red is a power color. Shades of red range from maroon and brick to lighter hues that are almost pink. This is a good color for brides with blonde or deep black hair. Red needs carefully handing to make sure that it looks right. Bold accessories are best used with this shade. Gold jewelry can take front and center along with a red dress. This is also an excellent choice for the bride holding her wedding mostly indoors. Red velvet is also ideal for a wedding on Valentine’s Day or during the Christmas season. Create a theme for the entire wedding that starts with your wedding dress. It’s one color that works well for the formal wedding and fabrics like organza, tulle and thick brocade.


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