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Building a home is an act of love. People want homes that express their personality and sense of style. Many home buyers take inspiration from common trends. These home building trends are a great way to that welcome something extra to any home. When working with Builders QCoast Homes Gold Coast, you can be assured of having knowledgeable and caring experts at your side during the entire process. Our builders can help anyone realize which amazing modern trends are best to use in their own home plans.

Beautiful Brass

Brass is a classic material that is once again in style. Designers are showing off brass in many parts of the home. You’ll see in doors as well as places like backsplashes and lighting. The warm tones of help bring in soft light. Use the material to add something earthy to any space and make it come to life with pleasing shades of soft color.

Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficient homes are increasingly at the top of any home buyer’s must have list. An energy efficient home makes any home more affordable by reducing the energy costs needed to run it. Working closely with a builder can help anyone discover exactly how to take advantage of our modern technological innovations. Look for specifics design elements such as energy efficient appliances and creating inner air flow with the proper use of windows and you’ll see a payoff after moving in.

Kitchens Bursting With Color

Kitchens are being freed from standard white. People today love the idea of kitchens with lots of color. Designers are showing off splashes of hues from green to red and everything in between. Cabinets in a warm shade of rose or vivid, sunny yellow offer any homeowner something to enjoy. Add even more color with a canvas floor cloth and lots of plush cushions and bright curtains at the window.

Native Landscaping

Native landscaping is also another important part of any home design in the modern world. Australians have lots of wonderful local plants. Homeowners can easily bring them to their own spaces. Bring them to all corners of your lot. Varied kinds of plants that fit in well with the neighborhood are a great way to create landscaping that delights all of the senses.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans makes it easy for people to gather together and enjoy each other’s company no matter what they are doing. One person can be cooking while a child is doing their homework right nearby. The open floor plan also makes it easy for people to bring in guests. They can create lots of spaces where people can dance and relax together. A flexible floor plan also makes it easy for people to create spaces that grow as their family does. They can choose one configuration when the children are young and then different plans as their kids grow up.

Tiled Bathrooms

Tiling is one way to bring in personality and color. Tile is the ideal material for any bathroom. Modern bathroom design is about making use of tile choices and doing them very well. It’s a good idea to investigate what kinds of tiles are on the market. Many people are delighted to realize the options in front of them. Subway tiles made of large white pieces are still quite in vogue. These are easy to clean and offer a clean, basic modern design that helps any bathroom look larger. Other popular design choices in tiles today include glass tiles the color of the sea and patterns that climb the walls and wrap around the ceiling.

Upscale Home Offices

People today are increasingly finding their work situation more flexible than ever before. Home builders are responding with home offices that make it easier than ever to work at home. A home office with a separate entrance also allows people to separate their work life and home life. The separate entrance makes it easy for people to entertain clients away from the rest of the home in a luxurious space. Home offices that have been totally soundproofed offer even more privacy so workers can concentrate.


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