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Congratulation, you have bought a new home. Now, chances are that you want to renovate a little bit to hide a few flaws or make something you like more prominent. However, unlike professionals, we often get lost when it comes to making such decisions. When it comes to making a bold statement or sticking to the conventional safe methods, we often tend to doubt ourselves. Well, now you can stop procrastinating and get down to business. Here listed below are six ideas that you should follow while decorating your new home.

1. Paint first

The first thing that you should do once you have bought your new house is to look around, assign rooms and then decide on how to paint your walls. Before you shift all your furniture to your new house, or before you go accessory shopping you should take time out to paint the walls. You should use neutral colors in the lounge and kitchen and guest rooms. The children can decide what color they want in their room, and you can help them out with the selection.

You can use vibrant colors in their room, and it is even better to go online and learn about the effects that color have on child psychology so you can make a well-informed decision.

2. Lighting

After you are done with painting your house, you can focus on lighting. Even the best houses seem dull if the lighting isn’t proper. You should learn about the different kinds of lights that are available in the market and ask about their specifications. While some may be ambient and light the whole room up, others may cast a shadow that makes the roof look higher. In short, lighting can affect the overall vibe of your house and therefore, should be one of your top priorities.

3. Paintings and mirrors

Paintings and mirrors are essential for every room. Not only do they give a classy vibe, they also make the room more vibrant. However, you don’t need to go around buying high-end paintings that cost a fortune for your house. You can use a regular painting you can get from a thrift store, get it framed and hang it over your bed.

If you’ve got teenagers, then they can hang posters if they want because not many teenagers would want their parents decorating their rooms for them. You can pick out paintings for your lounge, guest rooms, staircase walls, etc.

4. Rugs

Rugs are essential if you want to give your house a nice and cozy feeling. However, rugs usually cost a lot of money especially if you are looking for traditional mats. Don’t worry if you’re looking for rugs at cheaper and more affordable prices then click here to have a look at handmade Pakistani rugs.

Make sure you have one in front of every room and outside the main door. Mats are necessary if you don’t want all the outside dirt to get onto your rugs.

5. Curtains

Curtains are also a great way to add a homely touch to your new house. However, you should make sure that they match the color of the room. While some people do like to make a statement by getting extremely vibrant curtains, remember it’s better to make a safe decision rather than be sorry later. You can go through indoor décor catalogs to have a better idea of which color curtains go with the color you have painted your walls.

6. Flowerpots and gardens

Last but not least it is important to add greenery to your house. With the increasing rates of pollution, it is good to have plants around. Various scientific researchers have shown that if you have a plant in your room, you feel more positive and get better sleep as well.

You can decorate your old flower pots, repurpose your drawers to serve as a flower pot or buy new ones. However, you should make sure that once you have got indoor plants or a garden in your back yard, you take care of them.

The tips mentioned above are surely going to help you out. You should always know that different preferences are to be kept in mind while decorating, for example, the location of your house, the budget, and the people living in it, etc. If you stick to the previously mentioned ideas, you will make the right decision. Remember that every room should speak to its owner rather than just looking like a replica of the ideas you came across in magazines.
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