man facial hair

Facial hair can go either way. It can give off a rugged, rough and ready vibe, or it can just make a man look plain scruffy and grubby.

There’s not a lot that us women can do to control hair that is not on our faces, but we can try our best to advise.

At the end of the day, what makes facial hair look either great or terrible is how well it is looked after. Every man should have a daily grooming routine dedicated to making sure his beard, moustache, or both, look fresh and don’t make you want to run a mile.

Here are some basic grooming tips to help all the men out there with facial hair, or those who are considering growing some…


First things first, a beard can’t be used as an excuse to not wash your face, although it might hide a large proportion of it. If you don’t wash your beard daily, people will notice. You also risk causing acne underneath as a result of increased bacteria being trapped close to the skin, which nobody wants. It is a good idea to use natural beard shampoos though, rather than the harsh ones you would use on normal hair. Otherwise, you could cause irritation and itchiness. You could even go as far as conditioning your facial hair with a natural oil or beard conditioner to keep it shiny and healthy-looking. The better health your skin and hair are in, the faster it will grow too.

Regular trimming

Another facial hair tip is to keep on top of your trimming. It’s all well and good wanting to grow a beard of an impressive length, but if you don’t trim it regularly it will end up looking unhealthy and unkept. You could use scissors or handheld beard clippers for this or treat yourself to some electric beard trimmers. With an electric trimmer, you can keep a steady hand and avoid any beard faux pas. On the other hand though, it’s important not to try and trim your beard too soon – the foundations need to be there before you can start carving any shape.

The English Shaving Company offer a huge range of facial hair care products, from electric beard trimmers to men’s skincare and facial hair fragrances – yes, they do exist! They even sell hair care and travel sets, so you can keep on top of your grooming routine on the go… now all the bearded men out there have no excuse.

Suit your face shape

More often than not, men choose to grow some facial hair to experiment with their look. However, it’s still important to go for a style that suits your face shape. If your face tends to be quite rounded, you could trim your beard to add some angle to your jawline or cheekbones. You can also match your facial hair to your general style; if you tend to dress smart, a scruffy beard is not going to go well and vice versa.

Patience is a virtue

Good facial hair unfortunately doesn’t happen overnight. Whether you are trying to grow some yourself or you are partner to someone going through a ‘no shaving’ phase, it is important to keep this in mind. To end up with some decent facial hair, you will have to be patient and let it grow to its heart’s desire – before you start trimming and shaping.

At the end of the day, the good thing about facial hair is that if anything does go horribly wrong, you can always shave it all off and start again. Hopefully though, these easy facial hair tips will help a guy (and/or girl) out.


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