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When you are building a custom home, there is no doubt that you are a specific type of customer to the building firm that you will be hiring. That said, if you are building a custom home then you should most certainly be looking to hire a company that exist solely for this purpose.

“Planning” it should be remembered, it doesn’t refer simply to the planning of the home that you are going to be constructing, but to the whole process from acquiring the custom home builders that are going to construct your home, to finding the correct architect, to working out what you are going to ask each custom home builder that you meet with and how you are going to work out whether or not they are a good fit for you as a customer.

When you are looking for a custom home builder, it is essential that you plan out a list of what you are going to be looking for from them, and how you would like them to be. This is an essential part of the planning process as it will allow you to ask them questions tailored to exactly what you would like.

Before the commencement of your project, you should consider what you will be managing, and what you would like your custom home builder to be managing throughout the process. Usually speaking, the custom home builder will manage everything to do with the process, so long as they are paid for doing so. If they need to bring further contractors into the job to ensure that it is completed to the best possible standard and in line with your requirements, they will do this. You should not need to have any involvement in the process after you have hired the builder – they should communicate independently with the architect that has been responsible for designing your new home.

In terms of what you can do to plan for yourself, let’s have a look at just how crucial that planning is when hiring a custom home builder, and some ideas as to where might be best to start in terms of planning and what you could ask the builders that you will be potentially hiring.

You should ensure that the builder is able to meet your budget – when you meet with the builder, ask them this and ask them to ensure that they are happy to work alongside the architect to make sure that the finished product is within your budget, and that no corners are cut along the way.

Make sure that they have experience in something similar – when you are planning what builder you are going to hire, it is paramount that you make sure they have had experience in creating a similar construction in the past. Should you get part way through the development of the project and find this out, you may find out in a way that you would not have liked – in that the builder will be unable to carry out the task properly!


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