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Thrilling Tampa vacation

Tampa is a popular vacation spot for a lot of reasons, from the friendliness of its people to the stunning weather and even the arts and culture that the area is home to. There’s a lot to love, whether you’re a beginner traveler or a seasoned veteran, but thrill-seekers, in particular, are in for a treat. Don’t believe us? You will soon. Here are just a few of the best things to do in Tampa for a thrilling vacation.

1. Take a guided Segway tour

Segways are exciting if only because you never know whether you’re about to fall down. …

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Fashion Travel

Top fashion destinations you must visit in the United States this year

The United States of America is, without a doubt, the world’s melting pot where the best of all cultures step up and emerge to be the next global trend. Over the decades, it has become the land of dreams for all aspirants where native ideas pass through the filter of modernization and globalization. No wonder fashion revolutions spring up in this country every now and then, and the incoming new year is no exception.

For all fashion aficionados both from the United States or from any part of the world, check out these fashion hubs you must visit this year.…

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Tips & Tricks Travel

Top 8 tips to make you less nervous on your first rafting trip

I must admit, I was downright spooked before my first whitewater rafting trip. I had nightmares of dramatic rapids consuming our entire raft, causing me to fall overboard and get lost at sea. My imagination got the best of me. Clearly. It’s a river, not an ocean.

Jump forward to the end of my first rafting trip. Our group is exiting the raft, giddy and howling with laughter, already reminiscing about our adventure. Like a kid at an amusement park stepping off a roller coaster, I already wanted to go for another round. What was I so nervous about?

Having …

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