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Canada is always perceived as a land of beautiful landscapes and fresh air. This also means you’ll find a lot of perfect sights to travel through. Why not do it with your eBike? Wonderful Canadian trails await you ‒ they’re equally beautiful at any season, so the ride to these places is definitely worth it.

Of course, most organized routes are long. It’s your choice what to do with them ‒ try to go all the way from A to Z, or pick a certain path with certain places you’d like to see. This guide has routes like that. If you choose any trail from these below, you’ll for sure get to see some precious sights. Besides, every ride can be a nice adventure! Pack your backpack, charge your eBike ‒ now is the best time to explore this beauty!

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Are eBikes legal in Canada?

To answer shortly, yes, they are. However, it’s worth noting that Canadian regulations regarding eBikes are really different from those in the US.

While in the US some states put their own definitions of electric bikes, own safety requirements, and speed limits, in Canada all eight provinces agree that eBikes are legal and their operators must wear helmets during the ride. Also, all eight provinces agreed on a speed limit of 20MPH using the motor only.

The only things that vary from province to province are age restrictions and licensing terms – your best guess would be to contact local transport authorities and learn about these requirements.

The Gulf Islands (British Columbia)

The Gulf Islands are located between Vancouver and the mainland part of Canada. They’re great for sightseeing ‒ a lot of nice places where you can meet both sunset and sunrise, and explore nature. Also, the Gulf Islands are great for off-road driving – if you enjoy nice inclines and wonderful landscapes, this one is for you.

Every island is worth your attention – there are different trails of different difficulty and range. You can easily find a route that suits your cycling skills. Remember that you don’t have to chase any records and milestones – focus on beautiful sights and that special drive you feel. Explore and enjoy!

The commute between islands is pretty easy – there’s a ferry connecting all of them, so you won’t experience any logistic problems if you’ll choose to switch between islands.

Ridge Road Heritage (Dawson City, Yukon)

These twenty miles might seem like a short distance for you, but they’re definitely worth exploring! You’ll travel along the Yukon road ‒ an important historical path that joins a lot of old sights.

Why is this particular trail so cool? The answer is simple: it gives you a wonderfully deep dive into the history of the first gold diggers that arrived in Canada a few centuries ago. You’ll get a nice overlook of the regional history and some really picturesque sights. You can plan your stops beforehand so you won’t miss any perfect spots. Anyway, Yukon is perfect for sightseeing, so you definitely won’t miss anything cool.

Prince Edward Island

If you’re familiar with the term “cottage core”, you’ll find that trails at Prince Edward Island are basically the definition of this aesthetic. Bike trails follow along dreamy woods and villages that look just like these paintings on postcards.

The coastline also looks wonderful there ‒ you can peacefully enjoy sunsets and sunrises and enjoy every minute of that. The hills on the island are particularly picturesque. Anywhere you make a stop, you are rewarded with some high-quality rest and a feeling of total calm.

Take your time and explore Prince Edward Island – it’s definitely worth it whatever bike path you choose.

Green Route (Québec)

Green Route is particularly famous for being a vast network of interconnected bike paths. Their collective length is around 2500 miles – you’ll definitely find some nice trails to follow along. Actually, whatever trail you choose out of this network, you’re guaranteed everything you expect from the best sightseeing trips.

The network is perfectly developed for everything cyclists might need: shops, small hotels with bike parking spots, some diners, and street-food kiosks.

This network is really huge – it goes throughout the Québec province, joining routes from neighboring provinces. You’ll have so much fun exploring this destination! The Green Route is a perfect fit for any riding style and trail preferences.

Niagara Region (Ontario)

Miss some picturesque off-road trails? Ontario has some wonderful surprises for you. You can guess that the Niagara region promises breathtaking sights – it’s in the name, after all. Any bike path you choose there guarantees you perfect spots for taking awesome pictures and having a nice rest.

You can visit vineyards, farms, and beautiful meadows along the way – literally every mile is full of beautiful spots where you can just stop and relax.

Whatever route or trail you choose, make sure you’re safe to travel there first. Plan your route, get prepared, and charge your eBike to the full charge before you leave. You also must wear your helmet in Canada ‒ it’s legally required, after all. Don’t forget to pack supplies and get some snacks!


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