man facial hair
Tips & Tricks

Facial hair: tips and tricks for all the men in your life

Facial hair can go either way. It can give off a rugged, rough and ready vibe, or it can just make a man look plain scruffy and grubby.

There’s not a lot that us women can do to control hair that is not on our faces, but we can try our best to advise.

At the end of the day, what makes facial hair look either great or terrible is how well it is looked after. Every man should have a daily grooming routine dedicated to making sure his beard, moustache, or both, look fresh and don’t make you want …

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wedding dress alteration
Fashion Tips & Tricks

Wedding dress alterations: how you can turn anything into the dress of your dreams

You might have found a wedding dress that you feel a million dollars in but there are some small things you would change. Or maybe you have inherited a wedding dress from previous generations but it needs a modern revamp?

Whatever your situation, the possibilities with wedding dress alterations are (almost) endless.

You can change the neckline, shorten it, lengthen it, add some sleeves, need I go on?

On your big day, you want to make sure that you feel completely and utterly wonderful in your dress but also that you are comfortable. There’s no good looking amazing but being …

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christmas tree decorations
Home Ideas Inspiration Tips & Tricks

How to tastefully decorate your home for Christmas

Christmas is one of the most appreciated and awaited times of the year. There is something special about it, something magical that brings people together, helping us wrap up the year in the best way possible. So, starting with the first days of December, we begin looking for presents for the people we love and, of course, the perfect decorations that will allow us to better feel the Christmas spirit. But, besides decorations for our home, most certainly we will check out decorations for our Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of this winter holiday, so we will …

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