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How do single moms keep it all together, financially, and otherwise? Like most other major challenges, planning is at the heart of an effective strategy. Taking the time to make a hit list of goals is the smart way to start. Of course, that step includes figuring out how to pay for surprise bills and similar perturbations. What are some of the most common items that show up on mom lists?

In addition to the need to take a long-overdue vacation, many single parents seek monetary resources to pay for private schooling. This is especially true for mothers whose children require targeted or specialized training within gifted academic tracks. And, when mothers need job training to move up the career ladder, the financial demands can be stressful. Here’s how to get started and overcome just about any roadblock you encounter in life.

Making a Realistic Plan

Know what you’re up against. If financing a private education for a child is the only hurdle you need to clear, focus all your energy on taking care of that one item. Otherwise, if you face multiple obstacles, develop a more detailed plan for how you intend to deal with each task. Planning might not be the only thing, but it should be the first thing on your agenda.

Covering the Costs

Job training, vacations, and private school tuition all cost money. Getting your life plans covered ahead of time is the most advantageous way of moving forward. For millions of moms, that means taking out a personal loan from a private lender in order to get favorable rates and realistic terms. Keep in mind that you can usually snag major discounts on job training coursework for professions like nursing and physical therapy assistant careers. Likewise, many private schools offer discounts to parents who pay for one or more semesters in advance. And, when it comes to taking that all-important vacation, airfares and hotel bills can cost less than half of the regular price if you remit payment several months ahead of time.

Private Education

If your child is gifted or if you simply want him or her to get the benefits of a top-tier education, consider a private grade school or high school. Of course, these institutions are notorious for high tuition expenses, so be ready to negotiate with admissions offices and compare the prices of schools in your area. You can often get a discounted rate by paying for one or more semesters in full and in advance.


Sometimes, there’s no substitute for a getaway style vacation. Whether you bring your kids along or not, the therapeutic power of a new location can do wonders for your attitude, stress level, and general mental wellbeing. Do research to learn stress free travel hacks and find destinations that are suitable for what you want to do. If all you need is a beach and a hotel room, consider the nearest island getaway packages.

Specialized Job Training

If you’re aiming to bolster your career potential, sign up for a job training program that aligns with your long-term job goals. Some popular training courses include those for medical assistants, emergency response professionals, nursing aides, and physician assistants.


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