outdoor furniture garden

Outdoor furniture buying guide

You have completed furnishing your indoor space, and you are happy about it. You now want to shift your focus on the outdoor space of your property so that you can finally have a home that brings out the true definition of modernity in no time. You are on the right track! Today, owning a good home is not all about having a roof over your head or giving your children the fundamental right of shelter. It is a competitive venture, and you always have to do something different to stay ahead of the competition.

Whether you are looking for …

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american house exterior

Why it is worth consulting expert house painters when you want to paint the exterior of your home

‘Kerb appeal’ is the buzz word realtors use to describe how attractive property looks to both potential tenants or buyers, as well as your neighbors. A house which is looking dull and shabby with flaky, tired paint isn’t attractive, and creates a negative impression, regardless of how unfair that may be. So we know it’s important for a property to look as good outside as it does inside, so it shouldn’t be a difficult fix, right?

Few people without experience or training would attempt to fix a problem with their car’s engine or saw down a towering monster of a …

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rustic home
Home Inspiration

5 innovative elements for the modern home

It’s amazing how much has changed in homes when you look back on the designs of 20 years ago. Gone are the long hallways and multiple partitions; open spaces are the current trend. Flaunting figurines and china on top of furniture have now been replaced with sticking to a minimalist, no-frills interior. There’s no denying how homes have evolved along with the times.

It’s not about simply trying out new things; it’s about adapting to one’s needs and preferences. These modern home innovations have not only simplified home design details but have also improved the daily lives of homeowners across …

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