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From their superb flight abilities to melodic singing capabilities, birds are fascinating creatures to behold. But when you have them in your yard – or specifically, on your porch – you’re guaranteed to fall out of love with this creature.

From littering the entire area with their acidic and disgusting droppings to producing frequent and loud chirps to potential exposure to diseases, nuisance bird species like pigeons and startling pose several problems when they nest on the porch.

Hence, getting rid of birds from building a nest on your porch is essential for your health and peace of mind. This post looks at ways to prevent birds from building a nest on your porch.

Get rid of nesting materials near your porch

Birds use materials like leaves, twigs, and branches to build their nest. When birds notice nesting materials lying around your porch, do not be surprised if they take advantage of those materials to build their nest. That’s why you must maintain a clean porch at all times by clearing off nesting materials you find lying around.

Install the birdfeeder far away from your porch

If you’re into feeding birds, you must ensure the birdfeeder is located far from your porch. If the birdfeeder is close, birds will begin perching around your porch, and it’s only a matter of time before they nest there to stay in proximity to free food. Hence, having the birdfeeder in the corner of your backyard is a good idea.

Install bird spikes

Bird spikes are pointy, narrow strips that can be attached to surfaces like roofs, eaves, and even high places on the porch frequented by birds. Birds see the spikes from afar and are deterred from landing. Hence, bird spikes are humane to prevent birds from nesting on your porch.

Install reflective and shiny objects

Birds need a clear line of sight to maintain their orientation while flying. By installing reflective or shiny objects on your porch, you disoriented and confused birds that fly close by. Hence, birds will avoid your porch. Examples of such reflective mirrors include used CDs and mirrors.

Install bird netting

For people who live in bird-infested areas, professionals at Nuisance Wildlife Control recommend bird netting. You can attach bird netting around the perimeter of your porch with a staple gun. The net automatically makes your patio inaccessible to nuisance birds.

Try sound deterrents

Birds prefer to nest in tranquil areas. That’s why introducing loud noise to your porch can help deter birds. Birds are frightened of loud wind chimes, so you should consider displaying some wind chimes. You can also put weatherproof speakers and trees around your porch to scare birds away.

Install Decoys

Decoys are inanimate bird predators like plastic owls, eagles, and snakes. The birds do not know these decoys are inanimate, so they effectively keep birds away. However, you must change the position of these decoys from time to time to prevent the acclimatization of birds to the decoys.

Let your cat/dog out

Having pets like cats and dogs patrol your porch is a great way to keep birds away. Birds are scared of dogs and cats and will promptly fly away once they notice their presence. However, note that this shouldn’t be adopted as a long-term strategy. This is because your pet can eventually stop chasing the birds after it tries several times with no success.

Apply repellents

Several repellents can help deter birds. Citrus is one such example. Birds detest the smell of citrusy repellents and will stay away from places with that smell. Hence, consider diluting citrus in water and spraying the mixture on your porch every two to three days to keep birds away for good.

Another kind of repellent is ultrasonic devices that emit high-frequency noise (inaudible to humans) that distort the hearing patterns of birds, thereby driving them away.


Dealing with birds on the porch can be challenging because of their ability to fly away. If you ever struggle to get rid of nuisance birds, it’s high time you turn to a reputable bird control company.


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