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It is a nightmare for most of us to have a shabby and unkempt washroom. The toiletries littering around your countertop or hanging behind the door in your bathroom makes an unpleasant picture. There are times when all our efforts for organizing our toiletries go in vain. Our drawers, cabinets, shelves paint a picture of them being in use of a child. The size of your lavatory doesn’t matter once you let your imagination and creativity run wild. Your creativity can play a major role to transform the look of your bathroom. There are plenty of ways through which you can work on the organization and effective space occupation of your bathroom. Your bathroom can be small, yet can be sophisticated and luxuriously equipped with the essentials augmenting the beauty of the interior.

It is not wrong to say that stepping in a clean and organized washroom gives us a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. The bathroom is a very personal space, and therefore, it should be treated with great care and consideration. Having enough space for everything will make it convenient for you to accommodate everything around you in the lavatory. You don’t have to raze your home in order to create more space in your bathroom. It is easily doable with some mind-blowing creative ideas that will leave you stunned. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give a lavish touch to the washroom. There are ways to add glamor, sophistication, elegance within a friendly budget.

A bathroom should be a place with minimum clutter and the right kind of décor. There are plenty of ways to choose and install different types of bathroom glass shelves according to your needs and tastes to increase space in your lavatory. This will give you a free hand in conveniently placing your toiletries and décor. They not only make your area spacious but also add to the modernity of your restroom. Your basic restroom can turn into a modern and stylish with a simple addition of suitable shelves. Various ideas can be incorporated according to space and items that need to be accommodated.

Some bathroom glass shelves ideas are under thorough discussion in the upcoming lines. These will tap your creative mind and allow an influx of ideas that can add to the aesthetics of your restroom.

1. Over-The-Toilet Ladder

It is a very common sight to witness shampoos, conditioners, and many other products lying haywire in someone’s restroom, some even choose to place them on the toilet’s top, due to lack of space. This situation can be avoided by preferring to install an over-the-toilet ladder in the bathroom. The manufacturing of this type of shelve allows it to stand above the toilet, sticking to the wall. This ladder can have as many shelves as you think should be included keeping in view the area of the wall. It shouldn’t have excessive numbers of shelves as it will take away its charm. A few glass shelves or shelves of any other material with a complimenting or the same color of your toilet will be a perfect addition to your restroom. This will be spacious enough for plenty of products to rest on it and will occupy minimum space.

2. Recessed Shelving

The recessed shelves are one of the best to occupy space for productive use. Those who find popping out bathroom glass shelf unacceptable can opt for this style. Recessed shelves have space created in the wall of your bathroom. Those compartments are then outlined with desirable material. This creates a perfect spacious shelf that can be used for several purposes.

3. Alignment Along The Wall

This is an amazing idea to use a little space in your less spacious bathroom constructively. A lengthy glass mirror shelf runs along the wall, tiles, or wallpaper above the sink of your bathroom. Space can have all sorts of toiletries, flowers, and bathroom related products. It can act as a base for several other decorations. Makeup, shaving kit, etc. can also be placed on it.

4. An Outstanding Toilet Paper Shelf

It is necessary to use every inch of the room wisely. While choosing for interiors of a small room we should look for items that can be multipurpose. Instilling an elegant glass shelf of a few inches, which has an attached toilet paper hanging from it, will act as a catalyst in maintaining a modern look of your bathroom.

5. An Industrial Shelf

Don’t confuse an industrial shelf with huge shelves lying around your bathroom. Instead, these are unit shelves placed on any of your preferable walls. These can have light metal worked handles and color scheme as per your choice. The light metal can have floral carvings or simple metal support. Either way, your bathroom will successfully have a distinctive modern industrial touch to it.

6. Open Shelving

This is one of the bathroom shelves’ ideas that are not intricately aesthetic. It is pleasing to those who are more into the practicality of things rather than working on their aesthetics. This shelf occupies a large space on the countertop and provides enough space for your necessary products and ornamentations. The breadth of the open shelf can be adjusted according to your available space, but it isn’t suitable for small and narrow areas. These look acceptable in capacious restrooms in which we can keep plenty of toiletries.

7. Floating Glass Shelf

These are interesting glass shelves available for all kinds of restrooms. These are pieces of glass that are adjusted on the wall of your bathroom. The size of these shelves varies from wall to wall, available space above the countertop or walls where screwing of these have to be done. The special and unique characteristic of these glass shelves is that they seem to be floating in the air. They are supported with firm brackets that hold them together against the wall. These have several shapes and designs to choose from, which vary from rectangular floating glass shelf to quarter circle glass shelf. People looking keenly to design their bathrooms keeping in the modernization point of shouldn’t miss out on this exceptional glass shelf.

8. Wooden Block Shelf

Wooden shelves in restrooms aren’t a very common sight for us. Yet, among modern glass shelves’ ideas, this wooden block shelf manages to maintain its exquisiteness and prominence. Wood has a variety of colors and several kinds. The best wooden block shelf will be the one complementing your bathroom’s color scheme. You can install either one or a number of these in your available space. Moreover, like glass floating shelves, they also create a visual of floating making them aesthetically pleasing.

9. Shelf Over Bathroom’s Crawl Cabinet

Crawl cabinets are present on low height in your bathroom. It is an easily reachable cabinet which sometimes needs bending down to take something out of it. This crawl cabinet has enough space to hold a shelf over it. A wooden or glass shelf being placed over a crawl cabinet creates enough space to place all your required items on it. It efficiently covers and provides enough space making it easier for people to make their modern washrooms more commodious.

10. Trifling Bathtub Shelves

If we use the wall above the bathtub resourcefully and creatively then we can create a picturesque wall. This wall requires two minimal glass bathroom shelves which will be set in a stylish manner complementing each other. These shelves can have bath related items with some décor and tea light. Tea light plays an important role in highlighting these striking glass shelves. They not only provide you space to keep your essentials but also enhances the modern look of your bathroom.

11. Under Sink Shelves

This is entirely a modern idea. The space under your sink can be used effectively as a shelf. You will only need a single piece of wood and glass to construct a shelf under your vanity. It is an advantage of having large, spacious bathrooms. They provide you enough space to create extra space for commodities. It is one of the most useful bathroom shelf ideas. You can witness this in palaces and mansions as well. It doesn’t make your restroom look brimming with hefty items. It maintains the sleekness and sophistication of the lavatory.

12. Tiered Wire Rack Bathroom Shelf

This one doesn’t need a hefty amount for installations. With the right tools, you can install it on your own too. You need a two-tiered wire rack which is easily available in the market in various sizes. Opt for the one according to your needs. This can accommodate towels, shampoo, conditioner, décor, hence adjustment of anything that needs space to avoid cluttering.

13. Cantilevered Side Shelf

The idea of having a side table in the bathroom is pleasing and unique. Having a side table with a vase, another décor, and essentials ignites a sense of being in a luxurious environment. Removing the side table rack and complimenting it with a mirror will allow us to feel it like a treat.

14. Shelves Besides Shower

The corner right next to your shower can have a few small in size shelves. These shelves make it easy to reach to the showering products. They range shrinks and makes them extremely accessible, augmenting your comfort level. The shelves beside shower are less space-consuming, and it’s are designs according to the modern aesthetic sense. You can buy those shelves that blend with your wallpaper or tiles making them look like a part of it. Your choice matters while choosing these as the color scheme will play an important role in maintaining the beauty of your restroom.

15. Above The Door Shelves

These are a really good option to choose for bathrooms built on small areas. You can store those items which are not frequently used. We can place a guest towel, extra toilet paper, and hand wash on above the door shelves and avoid cluttering in the restroom. It is easier to maintain cleanliness when all the extras are kept aside. It is perfect for those who enjoy staying organized and having all their products in reach.

These are some very simple, yet elegant bathroom shelves ideas that we can easily and efficiently incorporate in our bathrooms. These help us in maintaining the modern aesthetics of our restroom, yet keeping them close to the basics.

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