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Wolverhampton Christmas night – party in the heart of England

It proves to be correct that it is never too early to start organizing this part of the year. The part when the Christmas euphoria wins over all of us with party fever and joy. The holiday itself is a reason to be excited alone but when you add an unknown location and spark some culture shock on top of that you get something that is going to be your new best thing every Christmas. To travel far away but to some familiar people, good taste and even better laugh. This Christmas prepare yourself to travel to the hearth of …

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Stormer kitchen

It is possible to entwine a practical sense with beauty within a kitchen

The kitchen is a practical area because we spend the time to cook and prepare meals for our loved ones in there. So, it should be well-equipped and a good amount of thoughts should go in there, making sure the kitchen is capable of providing everything we need. But, at the same time, it doesn’t mean that the kitchen should be just functional, without being able to please our eyesight and aesthetic needs. When you know what you’re looking to find in a kitchen, it will be easy to outline the ideal kitchen in your case. Still, when you feel …

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hair loss women

Hair loss in women: top 10 causes and how to prevent them

Hair loss affects more men than women, but this doesn’t mean the latter is not susceptible to it. Some signs are hair thinning, receding hairline, and bald patches. There are a lot of different factors contributing to the damages in the hair follicles which eventually causes hair loss in women.

1. Post-Pregnancy/Childbirth

Estrogen levels increase during pregnancy – which means your hair remains in a growing phase and becomes more glossy, fuller, and thicker. Unfortunately, hair loss may start showing signs in post-pregnancy or approximately 3 months after child delivery.

It is as simple as supplementing yourself with …

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