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You update your wardrobe every season, but what about your house?

Just like fashion, your home design also changes with the season and new home styling trends arrive every year. And it being the 3rd month of the year already, it’s high time you do some house-dressing to get your home into shape.

Here are all the creative ideas and inspiration you need for the year ahead! If home décor had a runway, these home styling trends will surely steal the show and make all your neighbors and guests envious!

1. Bold, Statement Ceilings

Every year, there is quite a rush of excitement when Pantone showcases its color of the year while offering new shades to the public. However, if we’re all being honest, these new paint shades offer little change in inspiration as we have seen enough clever takes on wallpaper installations and accent walls that bore us to death.

So, forget about statement walls and look up, instead!

The last time ceilings made such a buzz goes way back to the ornate molded tin ceiling in the ‘20s. Online searches for “statement ceilings” rose to 310% this past year on Pinterest. Why?

Well, it’s an inventive way to transform a room from the top to bottom. People are now keeping their walls in one color. However, painting, decorating, wallpapering and even tiling the ceiling in order to make it a standout feature of the room. A re-imagined ceiling can make the space appear brighter, larger and best of all much more memorable than the common accent wall ever could.

2. Hello, Terrazzo!

It was cool in the 1970s. Uncool in the 1990s. And cool again this year.

Yep, Terrazzo style is back to being cool!

With the enduring popularity of mid-century modern design that shows no signs of slowing down, it really is no surprise to see Terrazzo surfacing and making a big impact in 2019 home design forecasts.

A composite material made of chips of glass, granite, quartz, and marble evoke a playful and stunning, confetti-like abstract spirit in your home and adds an incredible edge to any room.

And if you cannot stretch your budget to purchase the wallet-painful marble Terrazzo tiles, you can expect a lot of cheaper, more affordable options and genius ways to bring this incredible design into your home with Terrazzo covering everything from lamps to flooring and even shower curtains.

3. Convertible Urban Dwellings

From modern duplications on Murphy beds to multi-purpose built-in cupboards and movable walls, convertible dwellings are one of the most intriguing and sensible interior design trends receiving attention right now.

After all, who would not want a home that is brimming with a genius, conversation-starting design that brings out the best of even the smallest space with great design, practicality, and ease?

4. Tribal and Geometric Patterns

Although geometric patterns almost never go out of style, thanks to its symmetrical harmony, the ethnic and tribal-inspired prints are also causing a commotion.

And what makes them feel so right this 2019 is its familiarity, warmth and offset pattern you can easily introduce to even the most minimal of space. While warm minimalism has had the spotlight for some time now, there is something about bringing more life into space as a direct reaction to today’s somewhat straightforward, limiting and strict approach to interior design.

That said, if a heavy-handed, full-on ethnic inspired look is not your taste, you should consider small ways of including it with miniature framed prints, go-to decorative throws and pillows as well as fresh linen that you can easily switch out once this trend decides to retire.

5. Eco-Friendliness

We have been hearing the trumpet sounds about going green for a few years now, and finally, it is starting to catch on!

Everywhere you look, there are sustainable, green options for your home. Whether it is using rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo flooring, repurposing and reusing found objects, or adding energy-efficient appliances and lighting, this design trend does not only help to style your home but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint which makes a real difference.

And thanks to the increasing demands for eco-friendly home designs, the market has produced beautiful materials you can choose from. Think artwork made from salvaged metals and wood and recycled glass countertops that help create a sustainable, yet striking space of your own!


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