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4 active games your kids can play with your dog

There’s nothing quite like seeing your child and your dog having a great time playing together. An excellent relationship between the child and your dog is mutually rewarding and beneficial. Both typically have excess energy ready to burn, and your child will probably have more free time and patience to entertain your dog than you do.

Not only will playtime between your child and dog provide them with hours of fun and a healthy release for all that excess energy they have acquired during the day, but it’s also a wonderful way of helping your child stay fit and active. …

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A breakdown of the best courses you can take for dog training

To train your dog is to help him better understand the expectations of his master, and to promote healthy communication. Canine training can also consist of learning tricks or specific tasks. Different specialists in dog training can accompany you to train a dog. Following are some of the best courses you can take for dog training:

1. Doggy Dan

There is plenty of choices available for online dog training, however, Doggy Dan may very well be the best choice. He has been offering his program online for over 10 years, and he is a highly respected author too.

Doggy Dan …

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Take care of your furry friends when you move

Stated by long distance movers in Plano, moving is stressful enough for adults, but when you throw pets into the mix, the stress doubles. Traveling with pets is difficult because you can’t just throw them in the car and take off, especially if you will be on the road for hours or days.

In this article, let’s look at things to consider when you move with pets to ensure the both of you come through the ordeal as stress-free as possible.

Crating: Yay or Nay?

If your pet is used to it, put them in a crate for your …

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