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How does a debt consolidation loan work? Is it a smart option for reducing debt?

Do you struggle to sleep almost every night due to all the debt you have hanging over your head?

This has, unfortunately, turned into a big problem for many people. The average person is walking around with almost $40,000 in debt, and it can take a huge toll on their life in so many different ways.

Debt consolidation could be the solution you’re looking for to help you deal with your debt problem. Find out the answer to the question, “How does a debt consolidation loan work?”, below and figure out if it might be a good option for you.…

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Why credit matters when applying for a car loan

There’s nothing more thrilling than the feeling of shopping for a new car, finding the perfect vehicle to match your needs, desires and hopes, and hitting the gas pedal for the first time. However, as you begin your quest to find a new or used car, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll also be applying for an auto loan, like the majority of people. You may be thinking to yourself, “Yeah, so what?” Well, whether or not you’re eligible for an auto loan and what type of interest rate you’ll be quoted are contingent upon your credit score.

According to …

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Essentials facts about reverse mortgages

If you are a senior citizen aged 62 and above, own a home and it is your primary residence, you can have access to a reverse mortgage loan. This form of loan enables homeowners to borrow money based on the value of their homes. The impressive feature of this type of loan is that the borrower is not restricted to pay back the debt immediately. Instead, the payment is deferred until they pass away or move to another home. In that case, the payment of the mortgage is taken from the sale of that home.

Please note that the government …

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