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Ways gardening can boost your mental health

Gardening used to have a fairly negative stereotype: it’s something you do when you’re retired, it’s a relatively boring activity that only older people seem to enjoy. But during the last ten to fifteen years, gardening has exploded in popularity.

According to the UK’s telegraph, gardening is now ‘cool’, with millennials, in particular, joining the gardening bandwagon. 77% of households practice some form of gardening, a record level. And the Covid-19 pandemic has put the rise of the home garden into overdrive.

One of the main drivers for the nurtured garden’s popularity is the evidence-based message that gardening leads to …

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10 things kids can learn playing escape room

Escape room games are the latest trend it seems. Some 10 years ago, you had a hard time finding one. Nowadays, it seems like they are everywhere. In fact, there are more than 8,000 escape rooms worldwide. Everyone can play an escape room, and learn something while doing it. With that in mind, what are the 10 things kids can learn playing escape room games?

While some would say escape room games are not for children, you can easily modify the game to fit their age. Or find an escape room for kids. Escape rooms boost engagement and problem-solving thinking …

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How to tell stories that win the hearts of people?

You might have exciting stories to share with the world. You might feel that it is the most thrilling and excellent plot that you have ever thought. Your hearts might race down to pen down these tales so that your readers read it and get the chill. However, impressive your ideas are and exciting your theme seems, unless you pour it out in a way that is appealing to masses, your stories will not be appreciated.

There comes the significance of understanding the real essence of writing in a way that is appealing to large numbers. Here is where the …

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