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Raising eco-friendly kids through fun activities and habits

Being a parent can both be fun and tedious when raising energetic kids, and sometimes it shocks you what they learn from interacting with other people. Some things they pick up can be potentially damaging, and some can actually hone them into better individuals. However, it’s up to you to filter what should stay and what should go. Teach them good habits, including green practices to help them love nature more and learn to save Mother Earth.

Contrary to the belief that kids are too young to understand how recycling works, it’s actually possible through small and effective practices. Kids …

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Night riding: ways to prevent nighttime bike accidents

Biking is a great way to exercise or commute. However, when the sun goes down, your relaxing ride can turn into a nightmare. Without the proper gear, biking at night is unsafe and unwise. Many avid bikers have found that night riding is possible, and even preferable as long as precautions are taken to prevent nighttime bike accidents.

Always Wear a Helmet

Although wearing a helmet won’t prevent an accident from happening, it could save your life. According to Selena H. of Dallas Car Accident Lawyer, wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 50%. Most …

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The best 14 iOS apps for teachers and educators

Long gone are the days of straight rows and chalkboards. A quiet and independent learning environment is no longer considered effective. With the introduction of new evaluation systems, planned and unplanned walkthroughs, and the debut of the Common Core State Standards it is no wonder why teachers have been scrambling for innovative ways to stand out – or better yet – survive.

Suggested ways to engage students in learning through technology are:

  • Global learning
  • Multimedia
  • Video streaming
  • Gaming
  • Staying on trend
  • Connecting to world

iOS Apps (or Apple applications for iPod and iPad), if used properly, can have a profound …

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