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Search Facebook images, using reverse image search

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms these days with countless people using it for interaction. If you are looking to get in touch with someone, you can reach the profile of the user if you have a picture of the person you want to connect with. This is done by using a reverse image search tool. Reverse image search tools help in locating all appearances of a particular image. The list of results would include Facebook profiles and accounts as well. Performing effective reverse image search through an online tool could be so handy for you …

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Ideas Inspiration

Everything old is new again: five traditional pastimes making a comeback

Trends often move in a cyclical pattern: what was hot a few decades ago usually will make its way back into pop culture sooner or later. No more is this true than in the area of our hobbies and pastimes, especially as we spend more and more of our daily lives staring at screens. It seems that reconnecting with those simple and sometimes old-fashioned hobbies is on everyone’s agenda for 2019. Here are some of those pastimes making a comeback.

Film Photography

Everything is digitized these days, especially photography. Digital photography has made it so easy to take, edit and …

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5 latest trends in cutting edge home styling

You update your wardrobe every season, but what about your house?

Just like fashion, your home design also changes with the season and new home styling trends arrive every year. And it being the 3rd month of the year already, it’s high time you do some house-dressing to get your home into shape.

Here are all the creative ideas and inspiration you need for the year ahead! If home décor had a runway, these home styling trends will surely steal the show and make all your neighbors and guests envious!

1. Bold, Statement Ceilings

Every year, there is quite a …

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