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Why it’s worth hiring a piano teacher when you want to get music lessons

Want to play your piano like an A-star? Well, it doesn’t come that easy. Music is an art. Of course, there are those who are talented at it. But if your talent is not near there, then getting the services of a piano teacher is the way to go. Plus, learning a piano is time-consuming, requires a lot of commitment, and can be expensive in the long-run. Therefore, hiring a piano teacher for your music lessons is worth it for the following reasons. But first,

Why learn piano?

Music is good for the soul. With piano lessons, you give yourself …

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Top 6 advantages of children’s art lessons

You’ve’ probably found yourself asking the question, “What’s in a children’s art lesson?” Today we will explore the top 6 advantages of enrolling your kids in art lessons.

Simply put, art is the most effective way to figure out a child’s mental activity and to impact on the same.

This has two key implications. First, when a child expresses themselves through art, the details of their product communicate their current mental perception and representation of reality. For a care giver, this suggests that they can easily tell what their child is ‘thinking about’ and, given that brain and emotion are …

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rejected inventions

7 ingenious inventions that were first rejected

More often than not we take the world around us for granted. We don’t think much about the things that form it.

So, when someone comes up with a weird idea, few people see the potential behind it. The normal response to that is “The world is already at the limit, we can’t make it even better”.

You’d be surprised to learn that this was the case for centuries. Some of the inventions that shaped the world as we know it were not taken up immediately. Here are 7 of them!


While Turbinia means little to the world of …

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