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Food Health

The 5 best foods to eat in the morning

Despite what you might have heard, nobody needs to eat breakfast. Actually, it may be better to skip the breakfast rather than eat unhealthy food. A well-balanced nutritious breakfast can nevertheless give you the energy to avoid eating too much for the rest of the day. It’s worth noting that many of the options below are high in protein. If you’re unable to get your protein intake from the below foods, it’s worth looking into whey protein as an alternative option. Here are the 5 best foods in the morning you can eat.

1. Eggs

There is no doubt …

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Five helpful ways women over 40 can maximize their well-being

To many women, hitting the big 4-0 already seems like a major milestone. Others think that it is somewhat a transition – or an introduction – to rolling down the valley of old age. While forty is just a year away from thirty-nine, there’s no denying the fact that hitting this milestone means that one can expect certain changes to happen physically and mentally.

While age is a factor that can’t be controlled, you can certainly control the way you live your life. Here are some healthy practices and lifestyle choices that you can do to make the most out …

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Beauty Health

The different causes of female hair loss and how to treat them

Although hair loss is a phenomenon primarily attributed to men, a great percentage of women suffer this ordeal. The condition doesn’t receive as much attention as male hair loss; however, the emotional effects are equally as daunting in both sexes. In this article, we’ll discuss the potential causes of female hair loss in addition to their treatments.

Causes of female hair loss

1- Dietary related

Let us begin with one of the common causes of hair loss: poor diets. Vitamins and proteins are essential building blocks that your body relies on to sew the luscious strings of keratin we call …

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