pool resurfacing service

Summer’s nearly here; time to think about pool resurfacing

According to a pool plastering company in Houston, with summer just over the horizon, now’s the time when many homeowners think about the state of their pool and wonder if it will be in swim shape after a long, harsh winter.

The fact is, no matter how well you care for your pool, eventually it will have to be resurfaced, eventually fenced.

So, if you’re thinking your pool’s surface has seen better days, but are concerned about the cost of a resurface, this article may help you out.

To Resurface or Not?

The first question to ask is …

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kitchen plumbing problems

Top kitchen plumbing problems that plumbers need to deal with

Your kitchen is the area of your home where you can find a significant amount of plumbing systems and fixtures. You need to maintain them each year, especially during holiday seasons or when you have big meals to prepare. When you experience problems with the plumbing system in your kitchen, they need to be addressed right away even if the problem seems to be minor.

You shouldn’t attempt to fix the problem yourself because only a professional plumber can address it. There are many types of kitchen plumbing issues that you may encounter. It is essential that you are familiar …

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house rainy day

Keeping harmful pests away from your house

There are a variety of pests that may penetrate our homes, including mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents, and ants to name a few. While these insects are tiny in comparison to humans and pets, they are, however, harmful as they can be carriers of some contagious diseases.

For example, mosquitoes are known to be carriers of malaria, dengue and yellow fever. Banana spiders, on the other hand, can cause some nasty bites which can lead to pain and blisters (in case you might ask “Are banana spiders poisonous?”, you might want to check the link).

Instead of focusing on the …

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