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Top 8 tips to make you less nervous on your first rafting trip

I must admit, I was downright spooked before my first whitewater rafting trip. I had nightmares of dramatic rapids consuming our entire raft, causing me to fall overboard and get lost at sea. My imagination got the best of me. Clearly. It’s a river, not an ocean.

Jump forward to the end of my first rafting trip. Our group is exiting the raft, giddy and howling with laughter, already reminiscing about our adventure. Like a kid at an amusement park stepping off a roller coaster, I already wanted to go for another round. What was I so nervous about?

Having …

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It’s time to experience glamping in Colorado

Did you know that Colorado is the only U.S. state that lies entirely above 3,000 feet?
Why am I telling you that? Because I want you to change your perspective when it comes to vacationing in the state. Have you thought of camping? Not the middle-of-the-night air mattress deflating, who forgot the toilet paper, and dirty fingernails style of camping, but something a bit more glamorous. In fact, a lot more glamorous while having access to nature and stunning write-home-about views. It’s called ‘glamping’ and it comes in many forms.

I have done a lot of rustic camping …

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This is why you should enjoy a vacation in the Philippines

Southeast Asia has become a very popular destination for travel. Tens of millions of people flock to the region each year to get the benefit of beautiful beaches, incredible nightlife, and incomparable shopping. Thailand and Bali may be at the top of your list, but you may want to consider moving the Philippines to the top, and that’s for a reason.

The Philippines is a popular, but still somewhat underrated, destination. People tend to know less about it than they do about other parts of the region. That needs to change!

This is why your next vacation should definitely be …

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