3d artist software

How to become a great 3D artist

If you want to dive into the exciting new 3D world and create amazing new visualisations but have nowhere to start, there are a few important things to take note off. The world of 3D animation is new and thrilling. It allows you to bring to life anything that you can imagine and model it with your own hands. 3D artists feel this is the most rewarding feelings. It is not easy to become a 3D artist and it can be quite bumpy especially if you have no idea how to start.

If you decide to become a 3D artist …

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woman in park with baby stroller
Inspiration Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

5 ways to keep fit with a newborn

The period after giving birth is usually filled with a lot of changes and stress. As such, the need to keep fit might be relegated to the backburner for a while.

A tired mother whose sleep is interrupted may have a hard time remembering and having the motivation to exercise. While trying to start working out can be extremely difficult, some techniques make it easy to get back on to the fitness wagon.

Although these methods are guaranteed to help with shedding the baby weight, they do not produce instant results. The key is to be determined and persevere as …

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cat litter box

What to look for in cat litter boxes – could you go automatic?

We all love our pets. No matter what you own, whether it be a cat, dog, fish or even a hamster, we all care about them deeply and they offer us so much. Spending time with them really is a gift and we all need to make sure that we do this as much as possible in the time we have available. The time spent with them is a joy, and I know this because personally I have a cat. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. As is the case with all pets, cats need to do the toilet …

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