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Resolving childhood sleep problems

Sleep problems in children are more widespread than commonly believed and may a significant impact on both the child and their family.

Childhood sleep problems span infants to teenagers and most have their origins in behavioural issues. A simple tool kit of evidence based strategies such as sleep diaries allow many sleep-related problems to be treated effectively in the home with the help of community health practitioners.

All humans require sleep for their wellbeing. In children it is particularly essential in promoting healthy growth and development. In framing potential solutions to sleep related issues, it is useful to understand what …

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pregnant women

Third trimester of pregnancy: what happens

When is the 3rd trimester? The third trimester of pregnancy marks the final days of your pregnancy. It begins from around the 28th week to the 40th week or up to when you give birth. You can also refer to it as the 7th, 8th, and 9th months. This trimester is characterized by faster growth and development of the baby. During this last trimester, the baby will grow from around 2.5 pounds to 7-9 pounds. The baby kicks will become more noticeable due to taking in more space in the amniotic sac.

We shall categorize what to expect in the …

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hospital parking lot
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The hospital parking experience

Hospital parking plays a very critical role when it comes to caring for both the sick and their loved ones. When you arrive at the hospital to see your sick friend or relative, you are already feeling uneasy. If then you face challenges at the parking lot, most probably, your problems will escalate. Your hospital experience begins the moment you enter the hospital compound. Dealing with an expert at the parking lot is what you badly need. Therefore, this article shares the importance of hospitals working with professional parking attendants and what their patients and visitors stand to benefit.

As …

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