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14 tips to keep you comfortable during a power outage

We’ve all been through this feeling once in our lives. And it’s not a good feeling.

All of a sudden, darkness and silence descends on everything. The power’s out. You quickly check to see if it’s just you. And the entire time, you’re wondering how long it’ll take for the electricity to come back on. A few minutes is tolerable, but it could also last a few hours.

Make sure you’re always prepared with these 14 tips for surviving a power outage.

1. Pick Flashlights Over Candles

Keeping multiple flashlights ready at various accessible locations is the first way to …

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A complete guide to probiotics and prebiotics

Your gut, or the gastrointestinal tract that runs from the mouth to the anus, is covered with bacteria and other organisms that create what is called the microbiome or microbiota.

Keeping a good balance of these bacteria – with 300 to 500 different species found in your digestive tract alone – creates a healthy microbiome.

One of the ways to keep your microbiome healthy is to have probiotics and prebiotics in your diet.

Probiotics and Prebiotics: What’s the Difference?

Probiotics are good bacteria found in certain food or supplements that get added directly to your digestive system. However, there are …

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5 easy hairstyles for tape-in hair extensions

There’s no shame in wanting a full head of hair, and that is why extensions and wigs exist. It’s 2019, and this kind of makeover is being embraced all over the world. Who blames them? Achieving the volume and length of hair that you’ve always wanted is a guaranteed way to start your day right.

Since their invention, extensions have come a long way, and the latest trend is the tape-in variety. It is a bit more expensive than other types and for good reasons. Tape-in hairpieces are quicker to put on, take a minimal toll or damage on the …

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