xfyro xs2 wireless earbuds

If you love exercises such as jogging, running, riding a bike or any other physical exercise, you surely need a helping hand when dealing with earphones. Besides, if you also dislike wires and their tangles, wireless Bluetooth earbuds can be of great help to you. They can help you perform your tasks with ease.

When using traditional earphones, you are bound to get challenges because you have to connect them to other devices such as phones through wires. It is even more frustrating when you need to use your earphones during workouts and the sweat wets them accidentally. This may damage them severely and leave you counting losses.

Fortunately, somebody took the trouble to get a good alternative. xFyro wireless earbuds are meant to solve your problems when you need to use your earphones and at the same time, do activities that could damage the traditional earphones. Sometimes, you want to use your earphones minus the phone or you just don’t want to deal with the issue of tangling associated with the use of such devices. Plus, you are not ready to ruin your gadget during a morning jog. In that case, read on and find the best alternative to the traditional earphones.

Benefits of xFyro waterproof earbuds

Unique design

If you love sophisticated devices, then xFyro won’t be a disappointment you. They are specially designed with magnetic bands inside the case to protect and prevent them from falling out. Both the earbuds and the case are designed according to the curves of a person’s ears. An added advantage to the user because you are guaranteed your wireless earbuds will comfortably fit on your ears and they are not likely to fall out. The earbuds also come with a soft button placed on the outside of the gadget. It is this button you press to play, pause or mute your music. You can also use the same button to pick and cut calls. As you can see, it is a one-click control button meant to help you manage your device with ease.

Water and dustproof

If you are looking to buy wireless earbuds for running, xFyro has what you are looking for. We all sweat when we run or do vigorous exercises and this can damage some gadgets. Therefore, if you want to run or jog and at the same time listen to your favourite music, then you need a waterproof device.

XFyro waterproof earbuds will amaze you. They are totally water and dustproof. Meaning, you can use them almost everywhere without worrying about them getting damaged. Come to think of it, even when you want to chill in a hot tub or jog in the rain, you still have the privilege to enjoy your favourite beats without a care in the world. In other words, you are not limited by water or dust if you decide to do what you love doing as long as you are using the xFyro wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Noise-free experience

If you disgust noisy backgrounds when listening to your soothing music, consider owning xFyro wireless earbuds. That is because they are ideally designed to give its listeners a noise-free experience when listening to their favourite music. The technology behind this is a CVC Noise Isolation which draws the user to the music and separates them from other worldly noises.

Wireless connectivity

When looking for workout earbuds, the wireless type is ideal. They give you a chance to exercise and at the same time listen to your beats without dealing with tangled wires. Moreover, you have the freedom to use your hands because you don’t need your hands to operate it all the time. It has hands-free controls which allow you to exercise while listening to your music. You can also change your tune without using your hands. The manufacturers were able to do this after months of research. This was necessary to enable them to collect samples of different ear types and come up with extraordinary earbuds suitable to everyone on the planet including you, of course.

Long-lasting battery life

Who doesn’t want a gadget with good battery life? It guarantees usage when you need it. When it comes to xFyro earbuds battery life, you have the whole day to enjoy your device with just a single charge. You can also have your backup charge option to use it if the need arises. The most impressive feature here is the fact that with just 15 minutes of charge, you can enjoy up to 3 non-stop hours of music experience. This is very beneficial to people committed to workouts or workaholics. They get the opportunity to do a lot of things while enjoying the music.


XFyro wireless earbuds with mic have the latest Bluetooth technology in the market. This enables you to connect it with your other devices hassle-free. It is faster to transfer or collect information. The grade of security when using Bluetooth is guaranteed. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about buffering and lagging. Bluetooth will keep your data as secure as it can be.

When you bring home your newest gadget, keep the earbuds in their case, place it near your mobile or laptop. It will automatically pair up with your devices. After it is through, it will automatically disconnect the same way. The earbuds have the ability to connect with your devices on a radius of 35ft hence, no need to carry it around for a connection. So long as it is functioning properly, its LDS antenna will catch the signal and connect automatically. Further, it will reduce any noise interference.

The bottom line

As you have read, xFyro wireless Bluetooth earbuds offer value for money when it comes to headphones. When using them, you won’t be worried about sweat or dust damaging them. They are the best if you intend to have some good times when exercising both indoors and outdoors. The noise in your surrounding won’t affect the quality of the music you are listening to as well. If you consider all the above benefits, xFyro wireless earbuds are the most profitable one for you.


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